Dyson Cyclone V10 Memorial Day Sales 2022

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Dyson Cyclone V10 Black Friday Deals 2022

The v10 has completely changed the way I clean. Instead of doing a weekly vacuum of the whole house, this machine has helped me break it up into much quicker, and much less tiring bite-sized cleans every other day, also with the different area of the house each time is completely taken.

Dyson Cyclone V10 black friday


The chore out of understanding it’s so easy to lift off the wall and use that spot cleaning messes as they occur just a few seconds. This product is revolutionary for a typical home user and has liberated me from the massive bulk of the mains-powered machine and plugging it in. I’ve noticed many scares mongering out there by naysayers and propagandists who don’t like the Dyson brand or who love holding on to ancient relic machines like a dusty old collector embracing change for the better with clear improvement can be difficult. Still, there are cases out there of people inventing smears and spreading misleading myths and lies.


I’ve seen lots of misleading youtube videos with scare talk of how the v10 has lower watts and low house airflow. Still, it’s all nonsense based on my six months of real-world use. The fact is the carpet, and hard floor cleaning performance of this machine is at least as good as the best mains-powered machines, including Dyson zome. Whether or not people want to believe it, this thing does deep clean, even deep pile carpets. It can remove every speck of dust in her right to the backing material for normal real-world mess levels we find in the home. This includes in regular and low power mode. Check out iRobot Roomba 960 Black Friday.


Deep cleaning is achieved even in low power mode contrary to many of the myths and propaganda. My carpets proved that for real-world use, there’s simply no doubt is 100 true. You can observe it right here I’ve never really needed to use mux mode, which is only intended for heavy surface spot masses such as an October plump up. It’s swift and completely hygienic to empty, taking all of literally five seconds. If you do it right, it doesn’t make a cloud or a mess as many squirming disclaim as you can see here; it’s entirely possible for empty the best bagless cleaners are hygienic elite without any mess and because it’s the original bagless vacuum done correctly unlike many of the cheap knockoffs out there.


It has no running costs or replacement bags which are also harmful to the environment the shroud self cleans any fluff in the empty process. Hence, you never have to touch any nasty trapped dirt the cyclonic filtration quality is the best on the market and the filters are still gleaming clean. They have never once got dirty or clogged from normal household use I rinse them monthly under cold water as the manual instructs and this along with emptying the bin frequently has helped ensure it’s never once produced to any bad smells I’ve heard some people complain about the bulk of the machine. Still, in the same breath, they complain about the lack of bin capacity, both apparent complaints are complete nonissues.

The machine but any opportunity to reduce weight is always welcome, not that it’s incredibly heavy especially compared to the competition, which is much bulkier and more massive. The modular design means you can clip on any of the myriads of attachments that will it’s easily the most versatile easiest to use quickest and best performing cleaner I’ve ever used especially on stairs, which take just an effortless minute now there’s no way anyone objective could conclude after using this product for six months that it hasn’t relegated bulky noisy mains-powered vacuums to the past for most people in normal homes and this includes larger households.

Dyson Cyclone V10 black friday deals

Why pick Dyson Cyclone V10 on Memorial Day?

Bite-sized cleaning is much easier and practical and a better way to vacuum I’ve also never once run out of battery power in normal mode or even come close likewise because of the bite-size nature of cleaning have never once encountered the apparent three and a half hour battery recharge time you never fully drain it it’s always charging on the wall when you’re not using it and so it’s always fully charged when you need it don’t be fooled by videos showing how long the battery lasts by keeping the machine running non-stop it’s just not representative of how you use this thing in the normal home complaints about having to hold the trigger all the time are also not something.

I’ve ever shared I’ve ever found it tiring. You quickly get used to letting go of the trigger when you don’t need it when you move into a new location or pick something up you use it on off on off all the time. It’s great and easy some have argued that is better that’s some competitor cordless cleaners have two batteries that can be swapped this is misleading and not really correct the only reason why all the manufacturers provide two batteries is that their batteries aren’t as good the possibly can’t manage a good cleaning session on a single charge without increasing battery capacity and thus the product way, so they mark it and spin.

Final Verdict

The false idea that two batteries are better except two batteries means you’ve got to manage charge in two batteries as doubled the battery cost permed off on to the customer and is twice the battery pollution at the end of the product’s life plus the v turns batteries apparently retain 80 of the original maximum charge after 15 years unlike these double battery machines which can only manage that for five years always be wary of the snake oil that cheap knockoff products try to peddle to unsuspecting customers this machine has hardly any maintenance either all you need to do is just empty the bin and rinse the filters occasionally the brush heads have stayed heron tangle-free for me but you could easily cut her off with scissors.

I’ll quickly remove the bar if needed. The easiest way to clean them if they get grubby is to wipe over them with a very lightly damp cloth. The bin also hasn’t clouded much, probably due to the only vacuum in household fibrous dust and the lack of unnecessary dirt spinning in the bin thanks to the internal capture Finn at the back forcing dust to ball up compact. I’ve never had a single problem with this machine. Some people have had broken catches and minor things. Still, I have no idea how I’ve been reasonably rough with this machine under regular use and it’s never failed once I was originally concerned that the wall duct might loosen over time because you drop the machine in from the top.

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