DJI Spark Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for DJI Spark Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for DJI Spark Memorial Day or Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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DJI Spark Black Friday Deals 2021

The DJI spark has been discontinued; I believe it is stopped. Even though it’s discontinued, it’s still relevant because DJI hasn’t replaced it; usually, DJI will then put out a new drone after about six months terminate or suspend.

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The older version, but things are weird this time you know they don’t produce the spark anymore but coming up. If you look on the b&h website, it says well it says discontinued. Hence, I have to assume it’s pretty much a discontinued drone, so with that being said, hmm, if you can find a DJI spark on sale in your area because retailers still have them but not many retailers can find one on sale.

We’re about squish a bug if you can find one on sale then pick one up because they’re pretty awesome for what they could do now a lot of people think the DJI sparks a toy. Still, it’s not a toy; it is an awesome drone. I use it each time I go on vacation or travel because it fits in my suitcase and my luggage quite well. I’m going to throw a backpack on, and it’s going to be in there, and I’m going to have the controller and the actual spark. Check out DJI Phantom 3 Black Friday Deals.


DJI is making a smaller drone, which we believe is the case that small drones will be maybe 249 grams. It should have a lot of the features of the spark, perhaps some other ones. Still, it is lower, and when you get a smaller drone, they don’t do super well in the wind, but they should always be pretty good, so looking forward to that one all right.

Travel Kit

A spin all right here we are out I’ve got my backpack and inside I’ve got the DJI spark in here and the controller that’s pretty much all I need I could use only my phone if I want it. Still, I’m going to use my phone and the controller. This is why I say it’s such a great travel option because it doesn’t take up a lot of space now I do have a hard case for the spark. Still, it’s bigger, so I only take that if I travel far where I have to throw something in the car but for hiking and backpacking.


The few drones with an obstacle avoidance sensor rate here and the ability to run track are pretty much the only drone in their price range that can follow you down a hill and up a mountain inactive record it’s pretty sweet. You don’t even need the controller. You can pick yourself, and it will follow you, and you leave this behind.

The taping this is the best follow me drone the sky do – which is coming out it might even be out by the time this video is out that is an extremely heavy drone it’s massively heavy. So it’s probably going to be a little bit noisier than this part because when you have to lift all that weight, you know the props are going to be pushing a lot of air and when you sell a lot of air yeah make a lot of sounds especially if you’re pushing the air fast.

dji spark black friday deals

Why pick DJI Spark on Black Friday?

The controller starts it up, take it up, what’s up nice and slow, so I want to track me, so I’m going to go into flight modes running track draw a square around me. I should be good to go. I should be following me now. I’m heading towards a dog park, so hopefully, I don’t run into a bunch of dogs, so I come to a guy with a dog.

I don’t want to freak your dog out with the sound of that okay, thanks okay, so I’m going down a hill now, and everything should be good. I’m going to make it through here hasn’t lost me. Yet, I’m going to go up this little hill incline. So here I am up here, can you hear the spark I can’t even listen to it’s pretty quiet behind me. However, I’m still in the shot all I hear is the wheels on my skateboard cruising around, so here we go I’m just going on this area go big circle little sparky should follow me you got me to spark.

Final Verdict

If I was on vacation or something and I wanted the spark to track me this is good I’m not even controlling it, so it doesn’t hit the trees over at silver here on the right I have a pile of trees I’ve just left it at the same height. I’ve told it just to keep following me at that height, so it’s doing what it does quite well there’s a person with a dog over there they better turn left.

It doesn’t like to go backwards; you can make it go backwards if you wish like right now it’s right there and if I turn around. Hence, if I come at it slow it should be going back there we go we’ve got no sensors in the back, so it doesn’t care for that it might crash is it going to hit whoa I see it going so close to bushes. She’s going back home, so let me go this way slow, so let’s go up and hit those cables up top don’t beat the electrical wires don’t run.

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