DJI Mavic 2 Pro Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for DJI Mavic 2 Pro Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for DJI Mavic 2 Pro memorial day or cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Black Friday Deals 2021

Today, we review the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Coming up, new features of the Mavic 2 Pro. Things that make you go wow. And a deeper look at the special features featuring images and videos taken with the Mavic 2 Pro. The original Mavic Pro launched almost two years ago, in September of 2016. DJI took the Phantom 4, crammed all of its features into this small and compact drone. Everything was good. Yet we started thinking of what-ifs. What if we could get an RX100 style sensor on something smaller than the Inspire series? DJI released the Phantom 4 Pro with its huge one-inch sensor. But that wasn’t enough. We got used to carrying around our compact Mavic Pros. Now, the only option on this level of quality was to carry around this, once again, larger Phantom. The styrofoam cooler was back in the car. Since the release of the Phantom 4 Pro, the dream of having that larger camera and sensor on something as compact, or close to as compact as the Mavic Pro, was in people’s heads. Checkout DJI Spark Black Friday Deals.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Black Friday

Well, it’s no longer a dream. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is here. DJI did not pay me to make this video, I did, however, receive a unit before release for testing and review. DJI released two new drones in the Mavic 2 series, the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom. We take a look at the Mavic 2 Pro. Why? Because of this. A new Hasselblad camera features a huge one-inch sensor from Sony. That sounds fantastic you might say but what does it mean? Let’s take a look at this diagram. This are here depicts the original Mavic Pro sensor which is one over 2.3 inches. And if you compare to this, this is the one-inch sensor featured in the Mavic 2 Pro.


You can see it’s practically four times the size. And just for fun, this is the Micro 4/3 sensor found in the X5 and X5S of the Inspire 1 and 2. And here, the APS-C Canon size for comparison. And finally, full-frame. The larger sensor allows for 20 million pixels to be placed on there. And also the individual pixel size has increased. This is the primary factor in reducing noise in high ISOs. The lens also received some upgrades. And for the first time on a Mavic series, physical aperture blades. All the way from F2.8 to F11. This allows for a larger flexibility in selecting shutter speeds for videos and photos. The camera housing and camera are made from a magnesium alloy for heat absorption and strength. Other improvements are, 100 Megabit per second recording bandwidth, a 10-bit D-LOG color profile, and HDR video using the 10-bit HLG standard. We also have a full field of view mode when recording 4K video. And a high quality 4K mode which features one to one pixel read out. In full HD, we can now record 120 frames per second. Rolling shutter has been improved, and enhanced HDR allows for better HDR images. Next up, OcuSync 2.0.



Latency has been improved 33%, down to 120 milliseconds. It features automatic frequency switching. What’s that? It can switch automatically between the 2.4 or 5.8 gigahertz bands. And that means stronger interference resistance. Let’s talk about the flight performance. Up to 31 minutes of flight time, if you fly in perfect conditions. What does this mean for normal people, like you and me? Well, with the original Mavic Pro, I got around 20 minutes of flight time. With the Mavic 2 Pro, I’m seeing around 25 minutes of flight time. So five minutes more. I’ll take it. It might not sound like much, but that extra five minutes might be the difference between getting the shot and not. And we get a new top speed for sport mode, 72 kilometers an hour. And that works out to be 44.7 miles per hour. Omni-directional obstacle sensing. There are sensors, literally, on every single side of this drone.

There’s even LEDs on the bottom for those low-light landings. Active Track 2.0. For your amusement, in a bit, I will wander through a forest in the middle of no where, almost stepping on ant hills, just to test the Active Track 2.0. With the new hardware and additional cameras, this gets much, much better than on the original Mavic Pro. And, finally, a feature I’m really excited about. Hyperlapse. How do you prove a time lapse that you do on land? You put the camera in the air and make it move. If after this review, I have peeked your interest in the Mavic 2 Pro, I’d really appreciate it if you checked it out with the link in the description below.


Things that make you go wow. The first things you notice when preparing and doing your first flight. This new 4-cell battery is absolutely ginormous. The new design makes the old one look, kind of, old. And, yes, the memory card can be taken out without unfolding the legs. The remote control features the removable sticks that we first saw on the Mavic Air. Two other things were noticeable. One, the drone feels really quiet. Just a short distance away, you can have a normal conversation with someone standing next to you. And through its additional weight, it seems more stable in the air. So let’s check out the new video modes, the enhancements to photos, and also try Active Track 2.0. So I wanted to expand a little bit on the difference between full field of view mode in 4K and the HQ mode in 4K.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Cyber Monday

Full-field of view mode uses the entire 5.5K sensor. And the image gets downsampled from there. In HQ mode, we get a 4K crop from the middle. So that’s why there’s a little bit less field of view. But, the image is just slightly finer, because every single pixel gets used, inside the crop that is. Then something that’s totally new, 10-bit recording with a D-LOG color profile in H265. One thing that bothers me about the Phantom 4 Pro is this nasty lens flare.

Why pick DJI Mavic 2 Pro on Black Friday?

Luckily, on the Mavic 2 Pro, it’s been improved quite a bit. And looks quite decent. I shot these in Bavaria, Germany. Here on the left side you can still see the morning fog, morning haze, and here’s where you can tell that Hasselblad natural color solution had something to do with the development of this camera. And here, one of the feed sheds storing hay for the winter. And just check out the details in the wood and the hay. And here, close up of the roof. I’ve never been so happy to see such detailed bird poop before. Always a great perspective from a drone. Shooting straight down. And if you enjoyed these images, head over to the blog where you can download full size samples. And here’s a photo using the new Hyperlapse mode. And it’s get you nice, low noise, HDR images. And here, we have three Hyperlapses. What’s great about these, these are processed on board. No editing required. You can also choose to save RAW photos for your own custom post-processing.

Final Verdict

The Home point has been updated. Please check it on the map.  You know what that sound means. Let’s try Active Track. First, we’ll start with the original Mavic Pro, then we’ll try the same route with the Mavic 2 Pro. And, yes, I know, I look like a major dork with that GoPro strapped to my back. But you’ll see why in a second. So far, so good. Now, a quick turn around maneuver. And we start going up into the forest. It starts to get a little bit exciting. But it’s all right.  And here’s said GoPro footage. And now, look at what happens. The original Mavic wanted to keep playing tree trimmer so I just landed it after this one.

I didn’t feel like ruining my drone. Now let’s try the Mavic 2 Pro.  Obstacle avoidance is normal. What’s nice is that object selection is simple. You just tap and go. Commence goofy one-handed running mode. Here you can see me get startled a little bit, but you can see the drone moving back on its own. And that here, folks, is a ginormous ant hill I almost stepped in. And here you will see the Mavic 2 Pro’s obstacle sensing, in action. And look at the iPhone’s recording right here. You’ll see upward obstacle detected pop up. Seems like the Mavic 2 Pro beeps at it a little more but it’s much better so I’ll take the beeping any day. Here I try to make it a little bit challenging by speeding up. And note, I do not touch the control sticks for this part. This is impressive. And that’s a comparison of Active Track 1.0 versus 2.0.

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