DJI FPV Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for DJI FPV Combo Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for DJI FPV UAV Quadcopter Memorial Day or Cyber Monday new sales, and discounts.

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DJI FPV Review

The DJI fpv drone combines the best of three worlds first. It is a super-fast fpv drone that allows for some insane maneuvers while being fully assembled and ready for adventures out of the box. No nerd skills are required secondly, and this is important news. It is beginner-friendly and controlled by literally everyone, not just by full-time and pro flyers and thirdly. It comes with an inbuilt 4k camera with the latest digital image stabilization for crisp and steady recordings ready to be uploaded and shared on social media.


DJI FPV Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Features & Components

That is a powerful combination as pretty much all other fpv drones on the market require advanced technological skills for the assembly, and they’re also super difficult to control. As they usually have almost no safety tools aboard, having an out of the box ready to use fpv drone that hits maximum speeds of around 90 miles per hour. Which can fly it literally; anyone sounds awesome and sets this drone apart from pretty much all other models on the market.

We’ll be looking at the four major components:

  • The DJI FPV drone itself
  • The remote controller
  • The goggles
  • The all-new motion controller

I will be reviewing all four components as they’re all pretty exciting, but before we head outdoors and get the drone airborne. It’s time to step a little closer and firstly check out some of the details of this fascinating new piece of electronics.


DJI’s first-ever FPV drone has a unique design. It neither looks like a typical FPV nor like a normal drone. It’s made of strong fiber-reinforced plastic that can take some bumps, and certain significant parts can even easily be replaced in case of an accident like the camera. The half-transparent top shell and the legs are good news for a drone that can perform complicated maneuvers. In general, nothing feels shaky or loose; instead, the drone feels very sturdy and well assembled.


The higher build quality comes at a price though ready for takeoff drone battery and propellers weigh only a little less than 800 grams. A total of 10 LEDs add to the drone’s aggressive look and make it nicely visible in flight two led strips face to the front and eight to the back.


The propellers can be attached within seconds only, and without any tools, they sit nice and tight and won’t come off accidentally. The drone is equipped with front-back and bottom anti-collision cameras with a maximum detection range of up to 50 meters. The super wide-angled 4k camera sits in the front and right below it, hidden behind a latch.

Drone Capacity

The drone features a USB-C input and a MicroSD card slot that accepts cards with a maximum capacity of up to 256 gigs building. The drone up is a quick and flawless process, and that is a big deal when it comes to fpv drones because usually, it is pretty tricky to assemble an fpv flyer not anymore with the DJI FPV drone:

  • You remove the gimbal protector.
  • You attach the propellers right after you insert the battery and plugin its very thick cable.
  • You turn the drone on by double pressing on the battery’s power button, and bam, the drone is cleared for takeoff. Of course, I measured three fundamental values right away.
  • The flight time DJI claims 20 minutes under real-life circumstances and in s mode, saying with the obstacle avoidance cameras enabled.

I was able to keep the drone airborne for about 14 minutes next to the drone’s max speed this time. The drone outperformed the specs instead of 86 miles per hour. The drone flew 93 miles per hour in mode and with some tailwind. Finally, the max distance officially DJI promotes 6 miles for legal reasons. I could not fly out of sight as with most modern DJI drones, the connection is flawless and a significant reason to buy a DJI product.


DJI made an exciting drone; not only is it fully assembled and easy to fly while still being super fast and agile, but it also comes with an advanced camera system aboard. The small camera records in clean 4k at up to 60 frames per second. The one over 2.3 inches CMOS sensor and the fixed 2.8 aperture don’t set new standards but indeed do the job at r up to date the footage’s overall look is very sportive. You can feel the speed and the intensity of flight. The 14 millimeters lens offers a field of view of massive 149.4 degrees.

DJI FPV Goggles

The DJI FPV goggles v2 have detachable antennas, four of them in total, and once screwed on, they give the goggles a somewhat fancy look. Indeed, the goggles would profit if put on a decent diet like all other goggles on the market, too. Still, their weight is actually alright the goggles sit nice and tight and can be manually adjusted to not put too much pressure on the forehead or nose.

Unfortunately, a bit of light leaks through the nose part; luckily, it does not affect the screens’ visibility. You can insert a memory card and record a backup full HD version of your adventures in-flight. The footage saved to the card is not super low quality no no 50 ambit per second truly makes the footage even usable.

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Motion Controllers

The motion controller can’t go unmentioned the prototype that I had received was unfortunately broken, and I could not use it at all. The final motion controllers should be working fine, though, and I hope to receive one to take it to the test very soon, but here’s the idea anyway. The motion controller is a one-handed lightweight controller that’s supposed to provide a much more intuitive game-alike flight experience.

DJI FPV Cyber Monday

The motion controller commands the drone’s direction with hand movements move it to the side, and the drone will turn to the side move it up or down, and the drone will fly up or downward when pressing the accelerator trigger. The drone then starts to fly forward again. I couldn’t test it myself as my controller showed an error. I’d have loved to take this optional tool to the test, sorry, not this time.

Final Words

The new DJI fpv drone is big news; it enables everyone to fly a super fast and agile drone and enjoy fpv flight intensity from the build quality to the flight capabilities—the outstanding goggles to the smooth 4k video from the safety features. The super stable connection to the absolute ease of using more than 6 miles of maximum transmission ranges from about 90 miles per hour and replaceable parts if the drone crashes sound good. The DJI fpv drone is well through and allows for an out-of-this-world flight experience.

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You feel like you are inside the drone’s cockpit. It’s very intense while still relatively safe, at least compared to the pro fpv models on the market, and Of course, there’s always room for improvement 14 minutes of flight time. It made me fly high, neither mentally nor physically. Also, having no battery installed on the goggles and instead of having to use an external and cable bound one is a con in my eyes, but all in all, the DJI fpv drone convinced me right from the start flying feels so different with this drone.

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I do worry that some beginners will try to push the drone to the limit too fast. I fear that the accidents they might cause will then ruin all fpv drone pilot’s reputations permanently. Please, if you’re new to fpv flying like I am, fly in a safe and open surrounding and give yourself enough time to practice. It might not sound cool, but you only become a pro if you don’t act like a fool. If this advice does not get lost and people use common sense, this model, the DJI fpv drone, might start a new age in droning the time where everyone can quickly and safely learn to fly fpv drones.

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