DEWALT Table Saw Memorial Day Sale 2023

We know Memorial Day is a time to honor those who served, but it’s also an excellent time to save on home improvement products. With DEWALT’s Memorial Day Table Saw Sale, customers can save up to $400 on all their table saw needs. Whether you are looking for cordless saws, miter saws, or more, DEWALT has it all at a price you can’t resist. With quality products from one of the most trusted names in the industry, why not make Memorial Day something even more special?

  • Circular Saw
  • 57° Beveling Capacity
  • Durable & Lightweight
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  • Circular Saw with Brake
  • 57° Bevel Capacity
  • Easy To Use
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  • Sliding Compound Miter Saw
  • Accurate And Durable
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  • Jig Saw
  • 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°
  • 20V
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  • Cordless Circular Saw
  • 57° Bevel Capacity
  • 5200 RPM
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  • Wet Tile Saw
  • Stainless Steel Rail System
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DEWALT Table Saw Memorial Day Sale 2023

My DeWALT table saw has seen me through a few years of projects, and I’m ready to sing its praises. From the start, it was crisp and accurate – no fussing with that pesky fence alignment! Throughout all my experiments however long ago they were, accuracy remains top-notch today; another highlight is this trusty tool’s dependability over time.

DEWALT Table Saw Memorial Day Sale


The fence of the saw has been crafted for precision, boasting perpendicular blades and a square-shaped surface – providing both stability and confidence in its final result. Despite this, unlocking it can prove difficult due to an inefficient design element which requires further optimization. Nonetheless, when securely locked down it may be trusted as a reliable companion to tackle larger projects than ever before!

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The tape measure on the rails of the saw needed a little bit of fine-tuning on purchase. I’m talking 2/10ths of an mm. After correcting the error, it has been cutting accurately ever since. I do regularly double-check to be safe, but it hasn’t let me down yet. I think this is largely because of the rail system that DeWALT uses.

Unlock/Lock Option

Another aspect of the saw that’s good. The fence position is easily changed with just two tabs that you unlock and lock. The screws inside the rails that the fence hooks on are super sturdy and stay parallel after switching position.

What I don’t use is the knob that is added for moving the fence. I slide it over to where I need it to be and tap it back and forth to micro-adjust. The knob doesn’t add much convenience, in my opinion.

Motor Power

Since buying this saw, I haven’t found the limit to what it can cut. What I mean by that is that the motor is an absolute beast. Of course, the blade is limited by its size, and so is the maximum depth of cut.

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But there is no lack of power. Hardwoods of any kind go through without any issues. I do have to mention I don’t use the stock blade and have separate ripping and cross-cutting blades.

Start/Stop Buttons

The start and stop buttons are decent, not great. I have to press it on in one go firmly, or it causes my circuit to blow out in the shop. Not a significant issue if you use it correctly, but it could be better.

The kill switch also works OK. The paddle could be more extensive, and I feel it has to be pressed in rather far. If it turned off a little bit easier, it would be better. Tilting the saw is about the same as the button.

Once you unlock the mechanism, it kind of swings down the entire saw. Getting it set to 23 degrees, for example, is, therefore, a challenge. Especially since when you try to lock it down, you have a good chance of pushing it away further.


What I don’t like about the saw. I know it’s a job site saw, so there is no quiet belt-driven motor, but still, it could be quieter. I’ve used other saws since purchasing the DeWALT, and my saw is the loudest. I wear hearing protection all the time, so it’s a minor point but still a downside to this machine.


Another thing that I don’t like is the dust extraction. It just doesn’t work. I have a pretty powerful shop vacuum attached to the saw, but after just cutting a few boards, I have to clean up everywhere. This is probably true for all saws of this size and price range, but it’s still a pretty big downside.

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Some other points that perhaps are only true for my saw. The T-tracks are not consistent in width across the length of the track. This makes it challenging to make slides for the track or use off-the-shelf tracks. I solved this by finding the most narrow spots and removing material from the saw.

Final Words

The blade is rather large so that pieces can get stuck between the blade and the insert plate. I’ve had this happen several times; one time, it even bends my blade into the plate, cutting a chunk out of it. It’s also not completely flat, and the adjustment can’t fix it.

Last but not least, the length of the power cord. It’s pretty short. I use my saw in a homemade mobile workstation, and my range with it is limited because of this short cord. A little bit of extra length wouldn’t hurt.

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