Dewalt DWS779 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Dewalt DWS779 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

This is the Dewalt DWS-779 Type 21 12 inch sliding miter saw. We talked about the saw’s assets and its liabilities. We also tested its cutting capabilities, and then I showed you each feature on the saw and showed you how it worked. Well, I’ve received some disturbing news. Since that time, some of my viewers have contacted me. There’s a new model out, a type 22. On type 22, a couple of those key features I demonstrated are no longer there. So for whatever reason, Dewalt has selected to omit those from the new model. This put me in something of a dilemma. Also, check DEWALT DCS391B Black Friday.

Dewalt DWS779 Black Friday

I would hate for you to watch my video or one of the other great videos on youtube about this saw, and go out and buy the saw, get it home, set it up, and be disappointed. So I’m doing this video buyer’s alert so that you, as a buyer, can make an informed decision. Before we continue, I’d like to remind you that we’re talking about bolt-on features.


They in no way affect the frame or the motor assembly, the slide assembly, or any of that on this saw. It’s still the same basic and dependable rock-solid saw that I reviewed six months ago. So let’s get down to brass tacks. What are these two features that are missing? Well, the first one is the slide lock. Now, this is more of a convenience item, in my opinion, and we’re referring to this lock.

It looks a lot like a screen door latch, and when you engage, it locks the carriage so it won’t move back and forth. That may seem like something you wouldn’t want to do, but what this does is lock the saw into a traditional miter saw mode or chop saw mode. I think it’s a very convenient thing because most of my cuts are under 8 inches at 90 degrees.


For that kind of cut, you don’t need the carriage to move, and to me, it’s more of an irritant when it moves than it is a help. I say it’s convenient because there’s also the travel lock at the back of your saw. When you travel with the saw, you always drop it, turn this lock in the back, and engage it so it can’t move. Well, you can use that same lock to lock it into a miter saw mode. Just like this latch does.

The only difference is you have to kind of position this where it needs to be. With the latch, the thinking is automatically done for you. The second missing feature may be more problematic for some folks, and we’re talking about the bevel pawls. The bevel paws are set stops for making bevel cuts at 22 and a half and 33 and third degrees.


Great for molding work, and they allow you to make repeating cuts without a lot of fuss. Notice that they are on both sides of the saw, and all you have to do is swing them in and out, like so, as needed. You can also use your bevel adjustment screw and set these up to be very accurate. Now you’ll have to decide for yourself how serious an omission this is. I’ve had the saw for almost a year now, and I’ve never used the bevel pawls.

Mainly because for crown molding and such, I’ve got a set of these. These are jigs, factory-made jigs, called Cut-n-Crown, and they’re designed to cut several different sizes and styles of crown molding without having to bevel your saw.

Dewalt Saw

So if you don’t have the bevel paws on your saw, what do you do? Well, you have to use your bevel gauge on your saw, and you want to make sure that you set it accurately at the right angle. When I bought this Dewalt saw, I was mostly interested in the feature set but the cutting capabilities.

dewalt dws779 cyber monday

But having said that, other saws in this price range still offer these bevel stops. So that’s what you’re going to have to weigh: features versus, you know, cutting capabilities. But if you decide you want these features and stick with the Dewalt, the problem is that you’ll need to upgrade to the much more expensive model 780. Of course, that model does include a better blade, and it includes their excellent shadow line cutting technology, which this one doesn’t have.

Final Verdict

Most websites don’t even make a mention of it. So this is a difficult thing, but the only place I know of that you can see that model number is right here on the decal on the motor. It’ll be right under DWS 779″ in small letters. And please understand, folks, I’m not trying to discourage you from buying this saw. I think it’s still a great saw even without these features, but you have to decide for yourself based on the work you need to do whether or not this is the saw for you.

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