Dell SE2719H 27 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Dell SE2719H Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Dell 27 LED SE2719H Cyber Monday backlit LCD new sales and discounts.

Dell SE2719H Black Friday Deals 2021

I’m gonna give you a full review over them but first, let me show you what her area looks like normally she’s away at a football game we’re gonna hook up with the monitors that you guys check him out so hopefully when she comes back she knows. I bought her some but I don’t think she knows how cool these things really are so let’s check it out all right so this is my daughter’s death now you can see she has got stuff all over the freaking plate right there they’re so normal monster. Checkout Asus PG279Q┬áBlack Friday Deals.

Dell SE2719H Black Friday

I’ve already got disconnected I’m gonna take that out it’s an older monitor really old doesn’t have really good picture quality this is her TV that she normally plays Xbox on the response the 32 inch TV JBC it’s an LCD and here’s what I’m going to be hooking up with these two so she can use one monitor as a dual mark well basically one who played games with and also to use for duel monsters when she’s doing work. So let’s go ahead and get this hooked up for her let’s see how okay so you can see that I’ve cleared out all of the clutter right now just piled in any other room. Now we’re going to start with the new monitors you’re gonna have to get them assembled and everything I want to speed this up and we’ll be back in just a second with the finished result at this point.



We’ve got everything connected so they’re both monitors and there’s her Wacom or Wacom tablet you saw what it looked like before still a lot of paperwork but she’s got plenty of drawer space that she can put that in so she hopefully clean this up to let’s go and power it on and let’s check it out so all the buttons for this which is really good power button is right. There you can easily fill it and we’ll do the same thing on this all right and we’re gonna go ahead and select English yes on both monitors and so that’s some of her original artwork right.


I can tell you that right now looking at this is absolutely amazing pitch across this drawing hers has so many different features here it literally almost looks like a poster. I got this her computer has an HDMI and a VGA output that computers used in the HDMI these ones using the VGA so the Xbox conductor looks directly into the HDMI port on this one so this is a standard monitor. So it has what’s called a five to eight millisecond response time which is pretty normal but it should be good enough to do gaming on in addition to using as a regular productivity computer Roger that Xbox one screen looks better than the TV that she had there already all right so we got Carla here so Carla’s gonna walk Karlie through the obstacle course here so she could see let’s see her reaction to the monitor sorry ready. What do you think you want to keep them okay all right so let me show you this alright so go up to put your handle to the bottom you gotta feel that’s the power switch the next once.

Dell SE2719H Cyber Monday Deals 2021

It left of the power switch not the one on oh yeah that’s what it feels different to the one to the left or you don’t have to look just treat them yeah it’s present alright she’s a little bunch Pablo Oh first one it shows right below. The menu right there oh mama yeah that one right there and force the other one to go a little down no oh no no no the right go back up to go right to go over to that one right there okay now go down. I’ll go up hm I pressed it and that’s how you would play your Xbox game night alright yo yo so you might want to sign in to your cam so what do you think do you like this better or you can go back to the big TV on the side – pretty much that’s pretty nice big old screen today you used to do it monitors.

Dell SE2719H Cyber Monday

Final Verdict

You know all right cool this monitor is geared more towards productivity and people who are doing just kind of casual gaming this is not the type of water you use. If you’re doing super high-level gaming because the response time of the monitor is not there if you’re looking at something for advanced gameplay you really do need to look at maybe the Dell Alienware. If you’re looking for a dual monitor but something that has a 1 to 2 millisecond response time but for general use and for some gaming including over watching those regular games you find they have one HDMI slot and they have one VGA slot. So one thing to be mindful of if you do use this monitor for Xbox gameplay then the issue you’ll run into is that you don’t have any sound out so my daughter has a wireless headset.

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