De Longhi Esam3300 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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De Longhi Esam3300 Black Friday Deals 2021

It’s the Magnificat 3300 to be exact es a.m. 3300 it’s Gail from Seattle coffee gear and I am here to revisit an old friend this machine has been around for a lot of years we love it for numerous reasons. I’m going to tell you the pros and the cons of it there’s only one con I can think of it’s very affordable right two programmable buttons steam arm over here we’ll the Panarello on it. You can produce hot water or steam out of this button right here allows you to the adjust more or fewer grams of coffee to be brewed through the ground and brewed through this is the volume of your shot everything from half an ounce up to 8 ounces, if you push this button you’re going to get one dose of whatever you have that programmed for and if you push this one it’s going to double up on the volume of water that goes through the coffee and gets approved these buttons down here these are just warning buttons like that tells you you are out of water lights up empty. Checkout Keurig K15 Black Friday Deals.

De Longhi Esam3300 Black Friday

The dregs box a general warning maybe the door something’s ajar descale and then this is for your bypass doser which this machine has a bypass doser right up here one scoop comes with the scoop one scoop of pre ground you maybe want a decaf in the evening you push that push the size. You want and it will not grind out of the grinder it will do the bypass doser oh the water tank. By the way let’s go back to that water tank.


I had that out for a second 60 ounces right there that’s pretty large water tank comes out the front which is actually very convenient a lot of the newer models these guys have been doing it forever but a lot of the newer models are having water tanks that come out of the front because the backwater tanks are just a little bit more inconvenient the bean hopper up here holds about 8 ounces of beans you have seven settings to set the grinder to find this at we’ve got it right down there. We were doing some testing shots just to kind of see where it’s at this is a plastic casing its plastic all around drip tray down here you have to open up the door. Here’s your drip tray here’s your drags box and this is the brew unit the brewer unit would typically come out by squeezing those two red tabs in there.


You can’t take it out when it’s in the on position when the machine is on when you shut the machine off. You’ll hear it do some cycling and the brew unit will drop down to the bottom then you can remove it for cleaning clean it like. You would any other take in in the at the sink hot water rinse it off once a week make sure you do that that’s real important don’t use oily beans in this machine it’s the same as all the other super automatics we recommend a medium roast espresso blend and today we’re using a new one from SuperSonics which is down in Berkeley this is one of their blends. We have in here today that we’re going to brew through also it has a cup warmer up here and this is pretty hot ok the cons of this machine all these are pros the con is the grinder is a little bit on the noisy side.


So if you have people that are sensitive to noise and grinders and stuff in the house the baby sleeping next to the super-automatic and you don’t want to wake the baby then you might want to think about it but that’s I would say the only con. I can think of on this machine it’s very affordable it’s always giving you some nice features for the price. So let’s make it work this is a pannarello you’re going to get foam out of this whether you try hard or not it comes aparts for cleaning these pieces make sure you keep this all clean there’s a hole down. If the foam can’t have the steam comes out of here to air rate. If it can’t come out of there you’re not going to get any foam so it’s important to keep all these pieces clean and this locks on here you just turn it turn it until it goes up into the right position and then you give it a twirl alright so the steam button is right over here if I wanted hot water.

De Longhi Esam 3300 cyber monday


I would punch that without that you’re going to get steam this is a double boiler machine regular boiler for the brewing and then you can hear two thermo-boy ler for the steam side and as soon as we get a good flow of steam here like with any other super-automatic. You can’t Bruins seemed at the same time it’s just not the nature of the beast even though they claim they have double boilers. They’re not meant to brew and steam at the same time nice foam just takes a little bit longer run in most super automatics.

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You’re not going to go as fast as you would on you know a semi or heat exchanger or a double boiler it’s just not going to be that way but you can see it swirl on the milk around pretty good and I would say that’s pretty good get that towel that I had back. So we can wipe this off you always want to wipe this off right and then when you get done you really want to even a little bit of water coming out of there is good see the milk second set milk out of that tip typically I’d put a cup under there to do that but I didn’t have one hand ease so you know the drip tray kwatak. We’re going to brew how about a double shot and the spouts go up and down for cup height turn the water off.

Final Verdict

let’s make our double shot that doesn’t look bad a little bit noisy pre-infusion wait time and then brew so it does a free infusion pretty good-looking show let’s say you’re getting more than you want you really got this off a little bit just hit it again. It’ll shut it off it’ll abort I want to see what that tastes like before I put milk in it looks pretty good a little bit sour so it could be dialed in a little bit but that’s all a part of dialing in for the coffee that you’re using you want art. I heard that not gonna happen you didn’t know so that’s the Magnificat esam 3300 by DeLonghi an old machine with a new review.

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