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Are you looking for CyberGhost VPN Black Friday deals 2021? Here is the best CyberGhost VPN black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, sales, and discount.

CyberGhost VPN:

CyberGhost is a Romanian VPN provider you’ll see on most top 10 VPN lists around the web. It boasts a whole lot of advantages that has been praised for its potential. But you might be asking is it safe to use? Can it reliably unblock Netflix? Is it great for torrenting? And, most importantly, is it one of the easiest to use VPNs on the market? Well, in this video, we will answer all of those questions and put CyberGhost to the test. Let’s start with the most important aspect of every VPN service – how it can secure your privacy online. Overall, CyberGhost is a very secure provider, especially if you’re not relying on it to hide you from the world’s top intelligence agencies. It uses bank-grade encryption, which is the gold standard for encryption along with VPNs.

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This cipher is practically unbreakable. Unless the attacker who’s trying to brute-force it has several billion years to spare. Currently, CyberGhost supports the following protocols, although not all are available on every device. Pretty much every top-rated VPN offers support for the OpenVPN protocol, and CyberGhost is no exception. Since this protocol is more secure than most alternatives, it’s a welcome addition. In fact, the OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocol pair should be pretty sufficient for the vast majority of CyberGhost users. That being said, make sure to avoid the P2P protocol unless you really know what you’re doing. It’s unsafe and obsolete and should only be used in exceptional circumstances. That’s why it’s disabled by default and can only be set up manually. One of the great features of CyberGhost that we personally like is that it won’t expose your identity by leaking your IP address or DNS requests, which means your online activities will remain anonymous.

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To make sure CyberGhost is leak-proof, we ran some DNS and IP leak tests by connecting to a German server. We were assigned this IP address. The next thing that we did was to check whether our IP address or any of my DNS queries were leaking. Let’s have a look at the results. As you can see here, CyberGhost has no IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks. As mentioned earlier, CyberGhost is based in Romania, which has very privacy-friendly legislation and doesn’t belong to any Intelligence-sharing alliances such as the 14-eyes surveillance network. This significantly reduces the possibility of any US-based copyright holders or foreign government agencies gaining access to their network. Their privacy-friendly location also allows CyberGhost to have an actual no-logging policy, which means they know almost nothing about you. According to their no-logs policy, CyberGhost does not log your real IP address, your assigned servers, the times you logged in or out, traffic data, and conversations carried out over their network. Also, CyberGhost doesn’t “merge” any personally identifiable data like payment details.

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Their Privacy Policy states that “it’s not possible to record which account logged in to which server at what time or to connect a real person to a certain CyberGhost VPN account.” This means that, combined with CyberGhost privacy-friendly location, your data is totally safe whenever you turn on this VPN. With all these privacy and security features already in place. CyberGhost also features Tor compatibility. This allows you to route your online traffic through the Tor network on top of your VPN tunnel to gain an additional layer of protection. Tor compatibility is a feature offered by few VPNs, and it’s a great addition to CyberGhost’s already solid security arsenal. Now, paying for your VPN subscription with cryptocurrencies is a surefire way to further increase your anonymity online. Fortunately, CyberGhost offers an easy Bitcoin payment option via the BitPay platform.


Now that we’ve covered CyberGhost’s privacy and security features, let’s now move on to its Apps and Device Compatibility. CyberGhost supports most devices. This VPN offers apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Amazon fire TV and Fire Stick. It has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, while also providing full support for routers, NAS, and Chromebooks. What’s also great about CyberGhost is that you can use it on up to 7 devices simultaneously for the cost of just a single subscription. Although we must note that the CyberGhost app for Mac differs from the Windows version as it doesn’t allow you to choose the protocol and lacks a few security features. Other than that, they have an almost identical interface and functions, including AES-256 encryption, the automatic kill switch, and Split Tunneling. Do check the exceptions in the CyberGhost app for more details. Now, let’s get under the hood. When you get to the desktop app’s home screen, this is the Windows version, it features four main interactive elements: the Power button, the Setting cog-wheel, the Favorite server drop-down menu, and the Arrow button, which switches between the Compact and the Expanded views.

As you can see here, servers can be sorted by distance, load percentage, and name. You can also tag your favorites. In the For torrenting and For streaming sections, you can find here the servers for torrenting and watching geo-blocked content. When you go to the Connection Features, you can see here that the app allows you to block malicious websites, ads, and online tracking. For maximum security, we definitely recommend that you turn this on because they’re off by default. Now if you go to Settings, the Connection tab right here gives you the choice of the protocol you want to use, the DNS servers, and protection against IPv6 leaks. As we’ve previously mentioned, the kill switch is on by default, as you cannot deactivate it. Overall, we can safely say there CyberGhost offers some of the most user-friendly apps on the market.

Why Pick CyberGhost VPN?

Their design is incredibly streamlined and intuitive, making daily VPM usage a breeze. Now moving on to its mobile version, CyberGhost’s apps for Android and iOS look good. What’s different, though, is that they’re less functional than their desktop counterparts. For example, neither the Android nor the iOS app let you choose your protocol or have the kill switch feature. Similarly, the Android app has quite a few web protection options not present in the iOS version. Some of these are port randomization, data compression, as well as blockers against ads, malicious websites, and online tracking. You can find the CyberGhost Android app over on Google Play or download it directly as an APK file from On the other hand, the iOS app is by far the easiest to use, in part due to his limited feature package compared to the desktop and Android versions. You can easily connect to your chosen server by tapping a location, with a load percentage and the number of users connected displayed next to each item on the list. You can download the CyberGhost iOS app from the App Store.

Aside from the apps, CyberGhost also has web browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox. These extensions offer very basic functionality and are best used as simple add-ons to quickly change your location without compromising your connection speed. Now for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire Stick devices, CyberGhost can be used as well, so you can seamlessly enjoy geo-blocked video content. Also, you can use it to protect your entire connection by manually setting up on your router. You can find setup instructions for your particular router model on the official website. Next, let’s test CyberGhost speed. When testing speed, there are so many variables to account for. So my result may be different from yours. But try to get an idea of the average speed in your location so you can have a point of comparison. My original speeds for download and upload settles around 8 or 11Mbps. So let’s see how fast the connection is with the CyberGhost running.

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First, let’s choose a server. I’m going to choose a US one. And as you can see here the server load is at 57%. Now let’s test the speed. Seems like connecting to CyberGhost is not as fast as it used to be. It’s averaging around 18Mbps. The upload speed is relatively higher. Maybe it’s because I’m connected to a loaded US server? It was loaded at 57% so maybe it will be faster if you chose a less loaded one. Anyway, we’ve run some more tests with other server locations from the UK and Japan. The results are pretty good but do note that results may vary depending on your connection. Now, let’s move on to CyberGhost’s Netflix and other streaming capabilities. Based on our experience, CyberGhost’s Netflix streaming capabilities are good. The speeds are excellent and geo-unblocking is mostly reliable across streaming platforms. If you want to access the US Netflix library, then you can do so via specialized For streaming servers. Other regions are accessible as well but with less reliability. CyberGhost also works with Kodi. And it does a great job of unblocking content which allows you to enjoy this list of streaming apps and so much more. Although in terms of connection speeds, our tests gave mixed results. But European and North American audiences should be fine. Aside from streaming, CyberGhost also supports torrenting.

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Based on our tests, their torrenting capabilities are excellent! The service offers enough security for P2P users, has a good distribution of servers, and doesn’t block or throttle P2P traffic. The speed is also great! And with CyberGhost’s no-logging policy, you can be sure that they can’t hand over any information about you to the authorities. Which means you can safely leach away our staying the radar. Now, let’s move on to Customer Support. CyberGhost is pretty good in terms of providing customer support, especially if you compare it to the lower tier of VPN services on the market. Compared to highest-tier VPNs, CyberGhost support is almost as good but somewhat lacking a bit in the self-help section.

Final Verdict:

CyberGhost offers How-To guides, a Troubleshooter, FAQ, and 24/7 live chat all on their website. There’s no phone support, but you can submit a request online, as well. The How-To guides provide instructions on dealing with the most common issues not only on the most popular platforms but also on game consoles, Kodi, and Linux. Their Troubleshooter addresses general questions, such as connection and speed problems or issues with the user’s account and subscription. The FAQ section, on the other hand, answers some of the most basic inquiries about the VPNs and CyberGhost in general, privacy, servers, P2P, and such. We tried asking their customer support some questions and found the 24/7 live chat agents helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to reply. We’ve also encountered reports of support reps telling customers to wait for an email, but this is quite normal with problems that require more complex solutions. Now, you might be asking, what’s the price tag? If you opt for a long-term subscription, CyberGhost is actually a great deal. There are four different pricing plans you can choose from.

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