Cubii (Pro, JR) Elliptical Machine and Cyber Monday Black Friday 2023

Capture the Black Friday opportunity to bring fitness right to your home with the Cubii Pro and Cubii JR Elliptical Machines. Compact and ergonomic, they effortlessly fit into your busy schedule, enabling activity even while seated. Integrate exercise seamlessly into your daily routine without leaving your home. Experience smooth, low-impact workouts with Cubii Pro and Cubii JR that prioritize joint comfort while effectively burning calories.

Cubii JR Black Friday Sales

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The Cubii isn’t the top-selling elliptical, but it contributes to the ever-growing market of fitness-at-work products. If you’re often desk-bound and find it challenging to incorporate physical activity into your day, the Cubii—an under-the-desk solution—might be worth considering.

cubii pro black friday

What is the Cubii Pro?

The Cubii Pro is an elliptical machine designed to fit beneath your desk or beside your standing desk, enabling you to exercise while at work. Crafted from steel, the machine’s frame offers stability and durability for rigorous workouts.


  • Direct drive for a natural elliptical motion.
  • Quiet operation, ensuring minimal disturbance to colleagues.
  • Compact footprint, fitting neatly under most desks.
  • Eight resistance levels for progressive strength enhancement.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for tracking progress via the Cubii app (available for iOS and Android).
  • Integrated display to monitor exercise data at a glance.


The under-the-desk elliptical boasts an ergonomic design, offering comfort and user-friendly operation within limited space. Notably, it reduces leg movement compared to similar machines, facilitating smoother pedaling.

While mastering the under-the-desk elliptical may require practice, its proper use can significantly impact your fitness regimen. When trying it, remember to wear suitable footwear, and consult your physician before commencing any new exercise routine.

Cubii App:

With a balance ball at home, I’m uncertain if this review aligns with my situation. If my doctor endorsed under-the-desk elliptical machines, this would likely match my equipment preferences.

Final Verdict:

For augmenting daily activity and increasing calorie expenditure, the Cubii proves a commendable tool. However, if opportunities arise for complete gym workouts or extracurricular physical pursuits, we encourage their pursuit. While the Cubii offers versatility, its mobility may limit an optimum workout experience.

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