Cowin E7 Headphone Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Cowin E7 Black Friday Deals 2021

Cowin e7 wireless bluetooth headphones I’ve been doing a lot of headphone reviews lately, and basically, I just been trying out a lot of different types of headphones and trying to see which ones are indeed the best.

Cowin E7 Black Friday


I mean everybody that has bought a pair of these seems to love them, so I said you know what let me get a couple and see if the hype isn’t real, so that’s what I’m going to be doing in this video stay tuned let’s get right into it alright. So I’m mad at myself because when I was ordering these, I thought I was ordering the noise canceling version. It turns out that I wasn’t, I just ordered.


The regular version, but they’re pretty much the same pair of headphones without the noise cancellation. They come in a bunch of different colorways. If you don’t want this, you know regular colorway as you see here, so when you get them, they will enter in a box like this. They come with a micro USB cable an aux cord to plug them up to whatever it is you’re listening to and a beautiful little carrying pouch like this. Check out Sony MDRZX110AP Black Friday Deals


It says they take about four hours to charge, and on a full charge, you should get thirty hours of listening time, so these do support Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connection. Let’s go ahead and get them up close so you guys can get a better look at what they look like, as you can see, primarily plastic. It’s like cheap-looking plastic on the underneath side. You’re going to have your on/off switch right here, and then right here is going to be where you would plug in the aux cord and then right.


It’s going to be your charging port you can see on the ear cups there you got some decent little cushion I’m not wrong there and then the headband, in my opinion, it curly it could use a little bit more buffer, but you know we’re not going to complain. Just yet and then on the right side of the headphones is where you’re going to have your controls so this triangle right here is what is going to control your music or your phone calls or whatever it is that you’re listening to so if you press on the top part of that triangle that’s going to be your play and pause.

Cowin E7 Black Friday Deals

Why pick Cowin E7 on Black Friday?

This part of the triangle that’s going to be how you increase or decrease volume and it also serves as how you go to the next song or you know to go back to the previous song so the way it works if you press it and hold it do like a long press that’s going to be when it controls.

The volume, if you press it, you know quickly that’s when it controls advancing or going back to you know the previous song alright so my first impressions on the overall. You know, build quality of these headphones, to be honest, I mean it feels very cheap, you know it even looks dirty, you know. You can see this plastic that they use almost feels fake like you know like it’s a toy almost, but you know then again.

Final Verdict

These are a budget-conscious pair of wireless you know headphones over here headphones at that so you know you can’t expect too much you know most men headphones are made out of plastic anyway. Still, it just feels like this particular plastic the way that they made it on these it feels especially cheaper one other thing that stood out as being reasonable to me is just the button on the side of the headphones like when you click it.

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