Corsair K95 Platinum Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021

Are you looking for Corsair K95 Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard new sales and discounts.

Corsair K95 Platinum Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021

This is the K95 RGB Platinum, different from the other K95 and K95 RGB. It has a piece of plastic inside it from when I dropped it before we started But don’t tell anybody it’s going to be our little secret. There are also some other differences, so now and then individually, RGB backlit keys the keyboard.

corsair k95 platinum prime day


A logo and a strip at the top that are like the kids say Lit, but in RGB They have also altered the macro keys on the left, reducing them from 18 to a mere six, which will disappoint Taran from my team and according to Corsair’s market research, pretty much, nobody else.

Macro Keys Macro Key Keyboard Keyboard Keyboard Because most people can’t reach any further than the rightmost column of macro keys while they’re gaming. But let me know in the comments if you guys disagree with that.


They’ve altered the spacebar putting a textured finish on it that I am not a huge fan of, but Some of the staples of Corsair’s keyboards do remain, including their dedicated media keys and that nice kind of knurled metal scroll wheel.

One big change I am a fan of that has to do with texture is the wrist rest. It now has either a dimpled texture on one side or a more coarse surface on the other side. It’s got a nice rubberized finish, and the whole thing mounts with magnets.

RGB Keyboard

Whichever way you choose to put it on. It feels and looks premium; you can’t even tell it’s reversible until you reverse it. You’re like: Oh, I like this one better. Oh, I wouldn’t say I like this one.

I’m going to put it back. That’s not to say that I like everything about the wrist rest. So, on the bottom, you find a cable management cross for your headphones so that they can run under your keyboard if you like having your headphone wire come up between your hands.

For Gaming

At the same time, you’re gaming, but, unfortunately, the implementation on the bottom of the wrist rest is not as good as on the rest of the bottom of the keyboard, with no clips to hold the wire in place, meaning that you’ll either be constantly fidgeting with it. It might end up under the rubber stoppers at the bottom.

The wrist rest to move around a little bit. Another thing I’m not a huge fan of down here is the fact that they’ve gone with the cheapo plastic clips for the wrist rest that Inevitably get broken and given that this is such a nice wrist rest that I’d love to use forever.

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