Conico Pet Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Conico Pet Camera Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Conico Pet Camera new sales and discounts.

Conico Pet Camera Black Friday Deals 2021

Quickstart guide the product will of course run some other specs by them if they are in here and here’s the quickstart guide here.


This will show you how to set it up with the app and what app to use and how to connect that etc the camera here now according to my echo device it says that 12 centimeters is 4.7 inches I believe it was and that’s gonna do it for the box we have our chords here and that’s pretty much it so in here let’s go ahead and run through the boring stuff real quickly here and this is going to be our mounting hardware and this is gonna be a usb to micro usb cable and that actually looks pretty long. Check outĀ Nest Security Camera Black Friday Deals.



The camera out real quickly here and see what we have so yeah that is approximately about 4.7 inches right there so yeah that is a very small camera which is nice you definitely can mount that in an inconspicuous area there as you see here it’s actually smaller than my hand I do have large hands but we’re gonna get to the camera in just a split second you have yourself a wall adapter plug there and let me get you a cord length on the camera because wherever you’re gonna mount.

This sometimes that is where you need to find out if this cord is gonna be good for you or if you potentially need to buy a longer one and that’s just a tad bit longer than my wingspan so I’m gonna say approximately a six-foot cable and here we have our mounting hardware here this is for the camera and these are your screws and anchors for mounting so let’s take a look at the camera it does have an ethernet port which is very nice and the directions.


I’ll go ahead and let you guys pause that there if you do want to set it up over ethernet that will give you directions there we have our reset button here we have our micro sd card slot here you have your a course your power in that is micro usb and I won’t show the bottom because that’s what you need to scan to connect that but it does have ventilation some pads right here on the bottom as well over here on this side we have our speaker for two-way audio so that when you speak through the app.

Conico Pet Camera Black Friday Deals

Why pick Conico Pet Camera on Black Friday?

They can hear you on the front here again is just the logo and then we have our motion detection and our night vision and the camera lens there over here on this side this might be our microphone input I don’t see any other thing besides maybe just on the top here if you can see that I don’t know if that’s for ventilation for the motor that might be microphone input as well but the only thing that kind of looks like a microphone input is this over here on this side because of course that’s our speaker for the other portion of the two-way audio and again just the back there.

Final Verdict

Download the app and see what she can do all right guys let’s go ahead and look through the app here it is daytime now of course we’re gonna get some nighttime shots as well so let’s go ahead and look at the app here so first off we’re looking at it on my tablet here and you will notice this this sometimes does get a little bit annoying but if you want to sign up for their cloud service that is up to you you can go ahead and minimize that without seeing that come on up here as you can see the date and time are up in the top left menu.

I am just over here behind the computer here as you can see my hand is up over there the camera down and we’ll go ahead and get on up and walk on over there and show you what it’s like to have somebody in that is motion detection you’re hearing there we’ll discuss that in just a second there that is a feature if you want to have an alarm setting as well and we’ll come on back and sit on down hereĀ  during night vision but there is sometimes upwards of a half a second or a second delay giz again this is all going wirelessly.

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