Coleman Roadtrip 285 Portable Grill Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Coleman Roadtrip 285 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Coleman Roadtrip 285 Cyber Monday Propane Grill’s new sales and discounts.

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Coleman Roadtrip 285 Black Friday Deals 2021

The Coleman Roadtrip 285 portable grill is the perfect companion whether you’re picnicking, camping, tailgating or just need to cook for a group of friends. It sets up in seconds and provides up to 285 square inches of cooking area so it can handle anything from steak to hot dogs.

Coleman Roadtrip 285 Black Friday

The propane-powered Coleman Roadtrip 285 propane grill features four independently controlled burners that give you the option of searing meat at high heat or slow cooking with less flame. It takes only about five minutes to assemble this grill, and its hot surface ignition means you don’t need matches or a lighter. It’s lightweight and portable at just 16 pounds, and it packs away easily with the included travel bag.

This grill is a great way to enjoy time with family and friends even if you’re not at home. It stays lit and ready to cook, plus it stores easily when it’s time for the next trip. Also, grab Kamado Joe Classic 2 Black Friday Deal.


When it comes to grill construction, the 285 comes with sturdy materials that will last for a long time. The stainless steel burners were built to outlast other parts such as control knobs and buttons. It also comes with porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates that are very durable. This is an important feature especially if you are planning to use the 285 for family gatherings or even party events. It will be ready whenever you need it, and whatever the weather conditions may be.


It also has large rubber feet that provide an excellent grip on any type of ground surface. This is definitely a great improvement over other grills that won’t stay still when you place them on the grass. This also helps in providing extra stability, making sure that nothing can tip or move it off its place. Coleman did not skimp out on the 285’s materials and construction. Instead, it used rust-proof aluminum for the grill’s basket and lid, which is very durable at the same time.

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Another great feature that the 285 has is that it is very easy to clean. The grease tray can be removed for convenient cleaning. The drip pan, on the other hand, has a slide-out design which makes cleaning easier by just pulling it out and getting rid of all the waste inside.

Final Verdict

The Coleman Roadtrip 285 is an excellent choice for any outdoor cooking occasion. It is reliable and performs well, is easily portable, and provides enough grilling space to comfortably feed your entire family. This grill would be a great addition for someone looking for mobility. If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to cook outdoors on the go without breaking the bank or taking up too much storage space in your vehicle, this may be it!

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