Cloudways Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Cloudways Black Friday deals 2021? Here is the best Cloudways Hosting black Friday and cyber Monday deals, sales, and discount.

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Cloudways is a company that’s selling web hosting without having a single web hosting server doesn’t make sense right and it’s not shared web hosting either you get a virtual private server with absolutely every single one of their plans sounds interesting well here’s everything. You need to know before you buy cloudways cloudways has quite an interesting business model to say the least nothing that hasn’t been done before but from what i’ve seen. They’ve implemented the solution in the most convenient way so far the way cloudway operates is they buy web hosting services from giants like digitalocean google or amazon and just resell you the plans for a higher price for example a starter digitalocean server from digitalocean.

Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2021

The exact same server as you can see here one gigabyte of ram one core 25 gig storage is 10 if you buy from cloudways and is the same with linux vulture amazon and google servers wait a minute that doesn’t sound like a good deal at all why would you ever buy from cloudways. if you could get the same product for half the price from the original supplier well luckily it’s a bit more complicated than that you see there’s a huge barrier of entry when you buy a virtual private server and that’s exactly what cloudways is selling virtual private servers or dps for short they offer great performance but absolutely no user interface.

Cloudways Black Friday

You have to do everything using text and command lines so instead of clicking buttons and using auto installers you have to rely on text based commands with very little feedback. You’re operating a computer without having a monitor or a mouse for that matter it’s all text based in most cases and if you have little to no experience you don’t stand much of a chance but cloudways buys the server for you sets it up and gives you a control panel.

No Need to Deal a Middle Man

So you wouldn’t need to deal with commands cloudways acts as a middleman between you and the server that you bought so you get great performance servers together with software to control them. While cloudways advertises monthly or yearly prices on their website. It’s a pay-as-you-go system where you get billed hourly for the resources that you’re using. When you’re signing up you can choose which web hosting provider you want your servers to be supplied by you can choose from digital ocean Linode vulture amazon or google all having different pricing models me personally. I found vulture to be a good choice between price and performance. I can keep my videos monetized without accepting sponsorships, and it’s a win-win situation you get a discount.

Cloudways deals

Why Cloudways is Best?

I make some money at no cost to you and continue to make accurate unbiased tests and reviews so thank you for the support and now let’s get back to this cloudways review upon first sign up. You don’t have to pay anything there are no upfront costs. you’ll build up your bill as you go and use these servers and you’ll only be billed next month but keep in mind that your bill is modular that means there’s no flat fee that’s going to cover everything. Suppose you want additional features like emails backups or a content distribution network that’s gonna cost you extra and you’re gonna build hourly as well or based on usage. In that case, you can always check what you’re paying for by going into your account settings and clicking on real-time billing.

Cloudways hosting discount


I recommend monitoring this very closely as you might activate some services by accident and you want to check if you’re not overpaying for something and obviously as I mentioned before if you have good technical knowledge, there’s not much reason to buy from cloudways. You’re better off buying from the supplier and managing everything yourself but in case you don’t have that much technical knowledge or you just value your time more and want to see. Let’s see how much value cloudways adds to their plans when you buy through them. I’ve registered an account and shows that I want WordPress installed in it filled in my server details. These are to keep track of your server on the dashboard then all. I need to do is choose which web hosting provider I want for my server. I went with vulture for my server size i chose the smallest one and that’s the one that i’m gonna be testing. Now i want the physical location of my server to be in new york after that I just printed launch now. Checkout WP Engine Black Friday Deals.

Pick Cloudways in Black Friday

Cloudways took care of the rest it took about five minutes until my server was fully ready for me to use now my server is set up and ready to be used and think of the server as a box. I can host as many applications or websites on my server as I want or well as much as my box can fit because as soon as you run out of resources well you’ll need to upgrade to a better server. Let’s see how easy it is to host one of these applications as I try to create a WordPress website switching between your servers and what’s hosted on those servers is quite easy. You flick this switch, and you switch modes to add a new application or website all you need to do click the add application button and choose which server. You want this installed on here you can choose between plenty of different options like WordPress PHP laravel Magento etc for this video I’ll go with a simple WordPress and woo-commerce installation once. I’ve named my new application I can click the add application button again and in a couple of minutes.

Woo-Commerce Expert

It’ll create a new WordPress website with woocommerce already installed on my server as you can see in the application list now I have a WordPress website that I’ve created before filming this review and a woo-commerce website that I’ve just created if I would like to manage one of these sites. I need to click on it and then click this outbound button right here you can find your login information for WordPress next to the outbound button as well, so it’s easy to keep track of so the process of creating a website is relatively simple. You can create as many websites or applications as you like or well as I mentioned before as much as your server resources allow even with the cheapest server. I can say you can host about four to five moderate size websites quite comfortably to test the performance. I did what I always do. I’ve simulated a website design that could pass for the real deal, and here’s how my website looks right. I’ve used gt metrics to test the loading speed of my website.

Cloudways Hosting Cyber Monday Deals

So cloudways was a bit faster loading my website in just 1.4 seconds that’s 30 faster than the most expensive shared web hosting plans that I’ve tested this year, and this is with the cheapest cloud waste configuration. I’ve also used a service called the dk6 cloud and send 50 bots that simulated some actual users i wanted to see how well cloudv performs under load and it didn’t have any difference like literally none. The website was still fast and stable even with thousands of requests being made every single second and it’s not a big surprise that these cheap virtual private servers are able to outperform even the top shared web hosting plans because after all. You are getting a whole server to yourself and you’re not sharing any resources in the past the biggest downside of this was that they were hard to manage and control, but the cloud waste control panel solved. This issue as well but it’s not the oh my god this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life kind of deal. It comes with its fair share of problems and here are some of them for the one you do not get a domain name with any of your purchases a domain name is your website name. I would need to buy that website name somewhere else in this case.

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I used hosting it then inside cloudways. I would need to go to domain management and type in the website name that I bought on hostinger as a primary domain. Then I would need to go to servers and find my public IP address and then I would need to use this public IP address and point my domains a record to it then give it a good 10 to 15 minutes, and it would start working quite exhausting if this is your first time doing it, but it’s not that hard once.


You get the hang of it the second problem is a little bit harder to explain you see even the word cloudways is almost universally banned in every single forum subreddit or a discussion board that’s even remotely related to web hosting. Why is that they have employees pretending to be users answering questions on forums like this thread right. Where the employee actually gets called out this time he discloses that he’s working for cloudways but in other threads he’s talking like he’s a customer.

No More Spam

They’re promoting the crap out of their servers on every single forum in an incredibly spammy way for example on this subreddit you can’t even mention the word cloudways because they’re in the blacklist for yep spamming and while we’re on the topic of disadvantages.

24/7 Support:

I believe that cloudway support isn’t all that great yes you do get a 24 7 support team with all of your plans they have an extensive knowledge base where you can find information. You can contact them via email but let’s be honest the two most important lines of support is a phone and live chat for phone support they only accept it for sales and billing, and you have to fill in a form for them to call you back. so it’s like a hassle and for live chat well have a look at first you only get the chance to talk to a robot I’ve described my problem.

Final Verdict:

It wasn’t helpful at all suggesting almost random knowledge-based articles to speak to an actual human you have to click on other problem different reasons and stuff like that over and over again after that you’ll have to wait to talk to a human my way time wasn’t all that bad maybe ten maybe 15 minutes once I’ve got connected the support agent didn’t say anything like anything at all complete silence.

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