Canon MX922 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Canon MX922 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Canon MX922’s Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Canon MX922 Black Friday Deals 2021

The Canon Pixma MX 92 we again the reason we had to go out and purchase the Canon today is that our HP Deskjet 3050, which I serve as well for roughly five years, these scan functions have gone out on it.

Canon MX922 black friday


I use that stamp function quite a bit with my work in the Navy and being able to upload files to my email and send them to myself to my military camp, so with the Canon Pixma MX 92, I did a little bit of research on it, not a printer professional here. Still, it had the functions that I needed to begin with the picture here advertises the wireless functionality which it says here print functionality copy scan fax. Always, it’d be great for small business use, and if you had the telephone lines and the capability to do so to start things off as we open up the box here, I’m going to take note it has perfect packaging. Check out Brother HL-L2340DW Black Friday.



The instructions are located conveniently on the top where it does include some printer ink here so as we look here it does include the black cyan magenta and yellow ink cartridges and an additional ink cartridge here for the pigmented black which would be used for your daily documents and nonphoto work it is nice that it does include two different types of ink here, so you don’t use all the high-quality black for regular documentation so as we look further consists of a typical power cord here as most printers do just like my old one and it also well it also includes the fax cable which I won’t be using, but it’s friendly and convenient that they do.


I do know if it was quite heavy pulling down the box. Still, it is packaged very well rather large a lot larger than our Deskjet 3050, and let’s go and remove some of this protective coating alright here we are with all the plastic removed. The first thing I noticed besides the weight pulling it on the box is that it’s got this glossy black finish, also known as the piano finish as the 10-lane suggests I’m a dad. I have three children I can imagine getting smudges all over this.

Canon MX922 black friday deals

Why pick Canon MX922 on Black Friday?

If you’re a clean Fraker you’re interested in keeping your things clean this much free even that’s something you will have to take into consideration here we are at the front here is the fact function you would be able to scan down or fax documents here and it looks like you can access this panel here and take those paper jams I also notice here on the bottom where’s the paper tray is quite large a lot different than our HP printer it looks like it allows to throw a lot more paper at the bottom.

Final Verdict

I don’t have to change it out as frequently. It’s nice to have a paper tray. It also has a top trick, and as we pull it out looks like we can print our photos or on envelopes and additional functionality and the types of products that we’re printing on as well on the bottom. We have a place where you can print on CDs to custom design your fees for business or what happened, and the reason we bought this printer the scanner function failed on their old one. It’s got an excellent significant scanner function; it looks like it.

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