Canon Eos R Memorial Day Sale 2022

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Canon EOS R Mirrorless

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Canon EOS R Mirrorless
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  • 4K Vlogging Camera
  • 30.3 MP
  • 36 x 24mm
  • 170° Viewing Angle
  • 10x Zoom
  • Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • Use any EF/EF-S lens
  • Vari-angle Touchscreen LCD
  • HDMI Type-C

Canon Eos R Memorial Day Sale 2022

The future of what Canon will create with mirrorless cameras and their new RF lenses has been pretty exciting, but there are some drawbacks to this camera.

I’m going to be talking about as well jumping into the actual output of this camera the image quality you get out of this is really good it’s about a 30-megapixel sensor very similar to the Canon 5d Mark 4.


The different features that I like about this camera number one would be the electronic viewfinder. This is the main reason to switch to a mirrorless system versus using a DSLR where the viewfinder on DSLR is optical looking through that mirror. Also, Check Nikon Z7 Memorial Day sale.

Thus there’s no mirror you’re looking at a three-point seven million dot screen basically and seeing a live view of what it is you’re trying to take a photo of my next favorite thing about this camera is just the size of the focus area when you are taking photos it’s 100% from top to bottom and 88% from side to side.


If you’re trying to focus on something you’re not stuck with that diamond-like you are normally with other DSLRs, you can go all the way to the top, all the way to the bottom of the screen, and almost to the side to focus on something.


If you’re going to be using older lenses like EF or EFS lenses, they have a mount adapter. This mount adapter enables you to put those lenses on this camera, but they also have two other versions. One of them adds that control ring, so it’s closer to the camera body, not at the end of the lens or one with drop-in filters.

Canon Eos R Black Friday

Single Shot Mode

What it does is it enables you in single-shot mode to not only see the face of someone and track the face while you’re taking a picture, but it will find the closest eye and focus on that, but it won’t work in servo, so if you’re used to using servo, and you’re taking portraits of people moving in and out that eye tracking is not going to be an option.

Image stabilization

This camera is this 35-millimeter macro lens; this is the cheapest one that they released, but to me, it’s my favorite because it’s small and lightweight which when you’re going to mirrorless that’s what you want to have is some weight savings, as well as this, has image stabilization.

Macro Shots

I’m shooting handheld my images are gonna be a little crisper and I can shoot at slower shutter speeds as well this is a macro lens so I can get really close and take thirty-five-millimeter macro shots which is different than taking one hundred millimeter macro shots.

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