Canon EOS 6D Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Canon EOS 6D Black Friday Deals 2021

canon eos 6d black friday

My friend brock Gil, a professional magician and illusionist, brought a message and an entertaining show to people who don’t get visitors often. I brought the canon 6d mark 2 with me to do tests for this video, so throughout this video, I’m going to be showing pictures and videos that I filmed using the 6d mark two during my one week trip to Alaska. I also brought my trusty 1dc, and even my add, so there’s going to be some comparisons there’s been a lot of talk about the 60 marks too recently; this camera came out back in June of last year. Still, people are starting to take notice of it because people like Casey friendly that peter McKenna and different vloggers and different people are starting to switch to the canon 60 marks too slowly for vlogging and video purposes. I’m out here in the middle of Alaska vlogging. Check out Canon 5d Mark III black Friday deals.


I don’t know why they would do that I guess they started talking to apple and apple convinced them they don’t need headphone jacks so to answer the first question is the 60 mark – worth an upgrade from a crop sensor if full-frame is essential to you and having that extra depth of field is just all you care. You’ve got a full set of lenses, then sure it’s an upgrade. If your photographer might be more of an update, which leads me to the second topic, is this camera suitable for video, as I mentioned before, the stabilization is? Great, it’s adorable again. It’s not unique to this camera a lot of the newer cameras have it already, as I said. Still, the only thing this camera has going for it in terms of video is simply the fact that it’s a full-frame camera there’s it there’s nothing at all about this camera that is better in any way than the two-year-old a TD.


Now, it is full-frame yes it has a flip-out screen yes it has dual pixel autofocus it has those things but so does my a td, and my a td is still high the td has one thing in particular that I cannot believe the 6d did not include and that is the all. I codec the 6d mark ii only shoots an IP b codec nobody’s talking about this why isn’t anybody talking about this is unacceptable. It has a better codec and a headphone jack built-in what the heck. I don’t understand the IP b codec interpolates every other image and kind of like blends the frames together to give you a picture; there’s a lot.


I’m not doing a good job scientifically describing it. Still, all I basically compress each frame individually and compress that together into one file, and every single picture is taken separately so. The image looks more sharp cleaner and higher quality. I tend to shoot in all eyes because when it comes to editing, I PB versus all. It’s more taxing on your computer to play footage that’s shot in IP b than it is all. I’m willing to take a little bit of the storage hit to have a better-looking image and also a faster post-production situation as well the camera doesn’t include 4k. It’s something that can intend to do with literally every single camera they’ve released. The cameras that do have 4k motion jpeg canon give us 4k in these cameras. It’s not going to eat into your cinema line. These cinema cameras have so many other benefits other than 4k. The cinema cameras have built-in indies. They have xlr inputs different codecs that are designed for broadcast all sorts of things we don’t need that is needed 4k if that’s what every single camera manufacturer is doing right.


If you want a full-frame canon video, you only have two options the 5d mark four or the one dx mark. The 5d score 4 is a great option you get a clean HDMI out of that camera so you can record pro res you can also order that camera with canon log built-in, which is phenomenal. I would love to test that camera actually against my 1dc; it does have a weird crippled 4k crop. The one dx 2 is the god of cameras; a lot of vloggers use that camera.

I just can’t come to terms to buy that camera or upgrade my 1dc to that camera for some reason. I think it’s more of a mental thing I love the 1dc. I love that red sea logo on that camera, but I do believe peter McKinnon, and the travel feels guy, and Casey nights that are wrong about the 62 it is god-awful. You looked at some of Casey’s new videos have you seen how soft the images.

Why pick Canon EOS 6D on Black Friday?

So, it leads us to the final question: the 60 mark – unbelievable canons own a td is cheaper and has better video and a headphone jack the fuji xt. Which is a phenomenal stills camera that produces incredible skin tones have 4k you can buy a used one dc for super 35 modes with no record limit for video, and because it’s a 1d, it can do this as you can probably tell? I am very passionate about my experience using the 62 in Alaska because I was very excited about using it the reason.

Final Verdict

I brought this camera to Alaska in the first place was to do this review and to tell you guys how excellent this camera is I saw online that everybody was talking about this camera again and started using it. I heard some negative things about it when it first came out of the initial reviews. Still, I wanted to give this a shot because of some of the big YouTubers that I saw using this camera specifically for video, and I was so disappointed. I couldn’t believe how bad the camera was mainly when I was taking pictures.

I couldn’t believe the lack of dynamic range the lack of sharpness from this camera again. My 1dc was getting better images, and it’s a five-year-old camera at this point. I’m so glad I brought my 1dc. I’m happy I brought my add at the end of the trip I kept the 60 in the bag I didn’t even take it out. I used the ad on the movi because it had all aya Kodiak when it came to the more professional big wide beautiful landscape shots. I went to the one dc for the 4k, and for the sharp 1080p in super 35 mode, everybody’s talking about how great this camera is a piece of crap this camera sucks.

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