Canon EOS 5D Mark III Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III Black Friday Deals 2021

Today, we’re going to talk about how I have my Canon 5d Mark 3 set up for general shooting specifically for weddings now from the first shooting menu as you can see the image quality set to bra release shutter without card is switched off. I don’t want the camera to take photos without a card inside I also set the beep to disabled as I do not wish to the audio to be heard in church moving across to the second shooting menu ISO speed settings.

canon 5d mark iii black friday

Now what I’m using auto ISO I set a range of between 100 and 6400 the Canon 5d Mark 3 is excellent in low light, and I find that using a range between 100 and 6400 ISO is adequate, and he also set a minimum shutter speed at the moment. This is set for one 250th of a second what that means when I’m using my 70 to the 200-millimeter lens in AV mode. The shutter will not go below one 250th of a second when auto ISO is selected moving to the third shooting menu a picture style is always set to neutral in high ISO noise reduction.



I have this set to standard. It does help reduce noise in higher so images in the autofocus menu in the fourth section you’ll see orientation linked to an AF point. Now I do have this set to separate AF points basically what that means is that when I’m in portrait orientation, it memorizes my last focus point used so when I turn back into the landscape. It will again learn the landscape autofocus point used. This is ideal because when I then turn to portray again, the camera remembers. The last focus point used will be one of the top focus points in the portrait orientation and saves you from having to keep changing focus points when selecting between portrait and landscape orientation. I have my camera set to record to multiple cards.


I use a CF, and I also use an SD card both set to record rule now in the setup menu under custom controls. I have changed the depth of field preview button to shoot in one shot AI servo now basically what that means is that when I press the bottom of field preview button, the camera will switch into AI server mode. Now, this is ideal in the church when you’re shooting images of the bride when she’s walking down the aisle without having to set. The cam to AI servo enables you to take shots of a moving subject press that button holds it in, and while you’re holding that button in the camera will stay on AI servo, allowing you.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Black Friday Deals


To continually focus on a moving subject when the bride’s finished walking down the aisle, release your finger from the button. You’re then back into single-mode just before a finish I’d like to say that I usually shoot in aperture priority mode AV mode as you can see my ISO is typically set to automatic this is for inside the church. I typically shoot in a single way.

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