Canon 7D Mark II Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020

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Canon 7D Mark ii Black Friday 2020 Deals

Canon released the 7d mark ii back in 2014 as the successor to the wildly popular 7d, and that camera started something special. The 7d mark ii is still the flagships. Its brilliant implementation of the dual pixel autofocus. The 65 all cross-type autofocus points have excellent coverage of the sensor, which means that you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to frame your subject how you want and still use autofocus. In terms of locking onto the item, once the autofocus has something in focus, it doesn’t let go. One of its primary purposes is wildlife or sports photography, so a razor-sharp and accurate autofocus system is mandatory.

canon 7d mark ii black friday

Even with the ten frames per second shoot rate and recording to two cards simultaneously, this camera doesn’t slow down. When using the autofocus in video mode, it has a great face tracking feature. Check out Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera Black Friday Deals 2020.


Now while it doesn’t have a tilt screen or a touchscreen, the face tracking is superb. It’s been designed for use with STM lenses, but I’ve had it flawlessly with all of my canon, Tamron and Sigma lenses over the last four years. I think one of the main reasons that people keep coming back to cannon is image quality, and that’s the image quality right out of the camera. The color-science and detailed images make it a brilliant workhorse for multiple applications, and a 20-megapixel sensor is more than enough for professional applications, especially print. I use my 7d mark ii primarily for portraits.


Whether that’s of people or their pets. A lot of photographers prefer full-frame for portraits, but I prefer aps-c. When I’m in the studio, I shoot all of my portraits at around f/8 at about 135 mm on 70-200mm with a shutter speed of 125 iso 200 and then when I’m out on-location headshots, I’m usually at around f/4 and adjust accordingly. These headshots were shot with a Speedlight in a single led panel as they don’t throw out as much lighter strobes; this is where it helps to open up the iris just a little bit.


If there is one bugbear and it probably is true of all aps-c sensors, the low-light ability is not what it is on full-frame, and that’s because it can’t let in as much light due to it being a smaller sensor. Comfortably, I take my 7d mark ii to around 3200 iso, and that’s about as far as I can shoot up to before the image becomes unworkable in the edit due to noise. In a time when sony and their low-light champions exist, 3200 iso seems low for a camera of this price point, but in all honesty, I can count on one hand the number of times that I needed to go anywhere near that in shooting with this camera. Canon hasn’t necessarily had a good reputation when it comes to video on their smaller cameras, which I can also admit to.

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The 7d mark ii doesn’t have any video-specific features other than a higher bitrate of the all I codec, but it does have a clean HDMI output, which gives you an 8 bit 4:2:2 codec. This is much better than the internal 4:2:0 codec. There isn’t a log profile, but you can customize a pattern with lower contrast and saturation. Or you can purchase an alternative log profile such as the James miller clog profile. I’ve never quite been able to recover the log image from the 7d mark ii enough though, and this is because unlike a traditional log profile, which protects the highlights that don’t happen here. My preferred profile is to film now with a standard pattern and a minus 2 in contrast, which works well in all situations I need. I think the canon 7d mark ii still has a place in 2020 even in this very overly saturated camera market. I’ve considered replacing it with a more video-centric mirrorless camera such as the Sony a7 iii or Panasonic gh5s many times, but I don’t need to.

Why pick Canon 7D Mark ii on Black Friday?

The 7d mark ii suits all of my needs right now through from portraits to landscapes to product photography to all my video shoots. Saying this though, I did go along to the canon full-frame roadshow to spend the morning to play with the newly announced canon eos r which does have some very nice upgrades over my 7d mark ii. What scared me was the lack of being able to record both an sd card and an external recorder simultaneously. I understand why it is, as it’s to do with the software in the camera being able to record either an 8-bit 4:2:0 or 10 bit 4:2:2 externally, but it just can’t do both – and why should it? It would make the canon c200 pretty much obsolete overnight, especially if you don’t need xlr audio.

Final Verdict

The 7d mark 2 is still a great camera that holds up against newer aps-c model cameras, especially when it comes to stills. The video features are starting to show their age a little bit but canon want you on their cinema lineup for video and I’m inclined to agree with them there.

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