Callaway Rogue Driver Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Callaway Rogue Driver Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Callaway Rogue Driver Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Callaway Rogue Driver Black Friday Deals 2021

The only significant change is in the external appearance of the club. The Callaway Rogue has an all-black finish with red alignment marks on the crown, and white lines across the face.

I think this new design looks beautiful, but it’s not worth making a decision based on aesthetics alone. What you should be more interested in are the changes to the internals of the driver, and how they affect performance.

One big difference noticed by many golfers is that the Rogue sounds different from other Callaway drivers – it’s a very low-pitch sound in comparison with most golf clubs. But in my opinion, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Some golfers may enjoy the lower sound, but some will be put off by it. Also, grab a deal on TaylorMade M5 Black Friday.

Callaway Rogue Driver Black Friday


Another change is that Callaway has removed the “Launch Monitor” port found on the end of the tee-barrel on previous models. However, there are still some red marks on both sides of the face, which are known as “SureFit CG” positions.

The new Callaway Surefit Rogue Driver is very different from previous models of the club, and it pays to get familiar with the key features before you buy.

The title of this article starts off by introducing a new driver, Callaway Rogue, and telling the reader about some of the changes made in the club. The most interesting of these is that a new all-black with red alignment marks and white lines across the face design has been released. Also, it’s worth noting that before buying this driver, you should be familiar with the key features to make an informed decision.


The shift in weight towards the heel helps create a higher launching, the lower spinning trajectory for longer shots with more control.

A description of how this driver is “tailor-made to promote high ball speed and long distance”, by shifting most of the club’s weight towards the heel. The feature also notes that it will help create a higher launching, the lower-spinning trajectory for longer shots with more control.

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Another new feature is the Triaxial Carbon Crown – its light and strong composition allows weight to be shifted around the club, which increases MOI, making it easier to hit long and straight drives.

The second main change made in this driver is a new boundary-layer geometry which increases the Speed Step’s efficiency for better airflow and more head speed.


In terms of appearance, the Callaway Rogue has a larger “Piranha” face, with a high-strength steel body underneath. It also features vertical oval slots on the crown to direct airflow through the clubhead at a high-pressure area, increasing the “Efficient Flow Area”.

The Callaway Rogue features a Triaxial Carbon Crown – with its light-and-strong composition it saves weight, which is shifted to increase MOI. This makes it easier for golfers to hit long and straight drives. In addition, there are various unique features such as the large “Piranha” face and vertical oval slots on the crown.

Final Verdict

The Callaway Rogue Driver is a good driver, but the Epic is still more of an attractive option. While this new offering does have some perks that are worth considering, it has not yet dethroned its big brother. If you’re looking for something to help your game without breaking the bank or if forgiveness and adjustability are what you need most in a driver then this could be just right for you. For those who were loyal fans of the original Epic though, there might not be enough here to warrant abdicating their old favorite just yet.

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