Bushnell Tour v5 Shift Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

As Black Friday approaches, golf lovers worldwide are eagerly anticipating remarkable sales on rangefinder, handheld GPS, and simulator monitors. Standout among this year’s enticing offers is the Bushnell Tour v5 Shift – a cutting-edge rangefinder that has swiftly captured the hearts of golfers across skill levels. Distinguished by its sleek black design and innovative technology, the v5 Shift stands as an essential possession for any golfer determined to enhance their performance. Beyond delivering highly precise yardage readings, it offers the incorporation of Slope mode, which adeptly considers elevation alterations when computing distances.

Bushnell Tour v5 Black Friday Sales:

Products Name Range Slope Option Check Price
Bushnell Tour V4 Shift 400 Yards ✔️
Bushnell Golf Tour V5 400+ Yards
Bushnell Tour V5 Shift 400+ Yards ✔️

The V5 rangefinder by Bushnell introduces remarkable enhancements that instantly capture attention. Notably, it offers two prominent advancements upon initial observation. Firstly, it showcases a reduction in size by almost one-third compared to its predecessors. Furthermore, it proudly claims the title of the lightest Bushnell unit, shedding an additional 4 ounces from their compact golfer’s companion.

bushnell tour v4 shift black friday


These alterations collectively refine an already user-friendly device, amplifying its ergonomic appeal. My excitement knows no bounds when contemplating these enhancements.


The Bushnell V5 Shift stands as a pinnacle of user-friendliness, attributed to its simplicity. By directing the device towards your target, activating it with the top button, and taking a reading, you effortlessly extract information. Illuminated in vivid red figures, the distance swiftly manifests in cases of indirect light. Although these numbers fade within seconds, a simple press of the button reinstates them.


The V5 Shift proudly presents a magnified viewfinder, surpassing its predecessor in size. This component, in conjunction with its user-friendly design, facilitates efficient magnification of objects. Noteworthy is the elimination of unnecessary complexities that plagued its forerunner, the Tour V3. While inquiries about these needless complexities are understood, their practicality remains questionable. Moreover, the new iteration arrives with a carry case featuring a convenient belt clip, sparing you the inconvenience of rummaging through your bag.

Significance of Slope Mode:

A paramount improvement lies in the introduction of Slope Mode, as previously discussed. This mode not only affords the luxury of gauging reasonable shot distances but also trims readings by 3-5 yards. A blessing for those grappling with club selection during downhill putts and off-center hits.

bushnell tour v5 shift black friday

Optimal Weight and Dimensions:

Remarkably, the V5 Shift assumes the mantle of Bushnell’s lightest offering, weighing a mere 3.1 ounces (sans battery). Its modest dimensions, measuring 4 inches in length and 2 inches in width, enhance its compact profile. Most impressive is its reduction in size, approaching one-third smaller than its predecessor, the V3, further elevating its ergonomic appeal.

Precision of Slope Mode:

In accordance with promises, the Slope function within this device emerges as remarkably accurate and invaluable. Given the prevalent struggle among golfers concerning downhill putts and the recommended 4-foot break for a 10-foot putt, this feature admirably addresses a contemporary golfer’s quandary.

Final Verdict:

Although the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift may not cater to every individual, it warrants consideration for those seeking precision and tailored experiences in their rangefinder. Should you require clarifications or assistance in determining its compatibility with your needs, do not hesitate to engage with us.

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