Bushnell Pro XE Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

This Black Friday, the Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder, renowned for its unmatched precision and advanced Slope technology, is set to feature in some fantastic deals. Keep an eye out for retailers offering great discounts on this premium golf accessory, providing you with a perfect opportunity to enhance your game affordably.

Bushnell Pro XE Black Friday Deals

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Bushnell has maintained its dominance in the golfing world since the introduction of laser rangefinders. By consistently staying ahead of the competition and consistently delivering the best rangefinders available, they’ve established themselves as the industry leaders.

This year, Bushnell has taken their game to the next level, surpassing the competition. While budget-friendly models may appeal to thrifty golfers, the Pro XE stands tall as the affordable laser rangefinder for golf.

Bushnell Pro XE Black Friday


The Pro XE offers a sleek carbon fiber exterior, presenting a modern, clean look. However, its flush buttons, while aesthetically pleasing, may be a bit challenging to locate quickly. It lacks a rubberized grip on the back, which occasionally results in slipping during use.


Bushnell has added weight to the rangefinder, addressing the concern of it feeling too light in your hands at 5 ounces. The lens housing design has been improved to accommodate the excellent PinSeeker feature.


The Pro XE features a large display with “Dual Display Technology,” offering two different brightness levels. This flexibility ensures visibility in varying lighting conditions, with the brighter screen ideal for sunny days, though it consumes more battery. A secondary, dimmer screen is available for low-light situations.

While it’s a standout rangefinder, some users may miss the slope functionality available as an upgrade with Bushnell’s competitors. This feature can be crucial on courses where shot angles significantly impact the ball’s distance. If slope measurements aren’t a priority, the Pro XE remains one of the top laser rangefinders on the market.


Bushnell has enhanced its PinSeeker technology, allowing users to choose from three targeting options: Scan Mode, Standard Mode, and Pin Priority Mode. Scan Mode continuously scans the targeted area, Standard Mode focuses on a specific point, and Pin Priority Mode locks onto a flag up to 450 yards away, displaying the flagstick distance first.

Bushnell Pro XE Cyber Monday

Optics and Focus:

Bushnell made significant changes to the optics, opting for a wider field of view over increased power. This adjustment ensures that your target appears more prominent, particularly when trying to lock onto a flag from a distance of 450 yards.

The Pro XE offers lightning-fast focus speed, making it ideal for quickly zeroing in on the pin. The display is crystal clear and easily readable, even for those with poor eyesight. This rangefinder is highly recommended for those who don’t require slope measurements, as it offers a plethora of features that set it apart from the competition.

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