Brother Serger 1034D Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022

Are you looking for Brother Serger 1034D Black Friday Deals 2022? This article will give you a complete guide for Brother Serger 1034D Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Brother Serger 1034D Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Brother 1034 dx is a low-cost serger that produces high-quality results. We’ll go over the features of this machine in detail because there’s a lot to cover with this model. The 1034dx will provide you with a four-thread surge, and you can do a three or four-thread overcast on this machine. The 1034d has been around for a long time, and Ken Sewing has sold thousands of them over the years. The improvement on this one is that it has a metal frame. It will add a few pounds to the machine’s weight. So when you’re sewing as fast as it can, it won’t vibrate as much. Also, checkĀ Brother CS6000i Black Friday Deals.

Brother Serger 1034D Black Friday

There will always be vibration on the machine. This one has a good-sized motor that can handle sewing the materials you want, but it’s an excellent affordable machine for a beginner or seasoned pro. The 1034d has a telescopic thread stand that we can raise and lower. It also has a color-coded threading system and each tension on the front of the machine.


It shows me what part of the overcast this particular tension is for so that you can go from fabric to fabric when you’re sewing. They may need to make a few adjustments, which we can easily do by knowing which part of the stitch they are on. Opening the machine’s front door shows me a complete planogram of how to thread the machine. This particular feature, on which we’ll zoom in, is enormous.


As I thread my machine, the most common question is, “How difficult is this machine to thread well?” The lower looper will be the most challenging part of a surge of the thread, and brother has this covered with this little lever. It moves my lower looper over and gives me room to thread that it is a kind of compressed air, which is just how sergers are made. That is a huge feature to have on a machine. Your upper looper will be easy to thread, and the needles will be just as easy.


As a regular sewing machine, the 1034dx has a differential feed, allowing me to adjust the ratio of feed dogs feeding the material. So, depending on whether I’m working with lightweight or heavier material, such as heavy cotton or lightweight denim, you’ll be able to adjust your differential. I can also adjust my stitch length and cutting width right here in front of me.


This machine also has a small support table, a nice feature. I can remove that, which exposes this free arm for me, so that if I’m working with a pant leg or a shirt sleeve, I can get that in there really nice and easy. The top of the bed allows the material to glide through, which you won’t find on many sergers of any brand. I can adjust the force being pressed down on the material with the machine’s adjustable pressure.

Final Verdict

If you’re working with a lighter-weight material, it’s nice because I can back that off, which helps my feed dogs feed the fabric through flat. While my needle penetrates the garment, it reduces puckering. You can get several optional attachments for the machine; we have a complete list of what comes with it, and Ken Sewing Center carries everything made for it.

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