Brother HL L2340DW Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Brother HL-L2340DW Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Brother HL L2340DW Cyber Monday Compact Laser Printer’s new sales and discounts.

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Brother HL-L2340DW Black Friday Deals 2021

This is the brother hl-2340dw I know printer names are fantastic and the main reason I got this is because it’s monochrome and it’s a laser printer, so it just does everything.

brother laser printer black friday


I need to and no more than that all I needed was black-and-white printing and a relatively fast pace. I didn’t want the ink to dry out because that was a significant problem with my old inkjet so without further ado let’s see what’s inside so here I’ve laid out all the items that come with the printer. You have the printer itself of course, and then you have a safety guide right here you got a cd right there for people who aren’t quite in 2020 yet right over here.

You have a quick start guide, and this is the starter toner that it comes with to get you started it only prints about a few hundred pages just something to get you started putting in the toner was relatively smooth. All you have to do is pull out this top part right over here there are two little tabs, or they can pull on and then pull on this green tab which takes out the cartridge holder, and this is the starter cartridge that they send you all you want to do is you want to make sure that it fits pretty snugly.


This wheel is locked into position the paper loading tray is also easily accessible. It’s just this drawer right here let you pull there’s not much really to see here other than you can only adjust these tabs based on the size of paper you have they also have this little opening right over here I’m pretty sure that’s also to adjust the size of paper. There’s also this tab right over here that flips up so that the article doesn’t spill over the printer when you’re putting lots of copies.

I’ve gone ahead and set up their printer there are multiple ways you can set it up based off of what you need you can use the cd that came with it you can also there’s a link on the quick set-up guide to install the drivers and if you’re on your phone. You want to print from your phone. You have to install this app called I publish and scan after you establish that you hit the WPS key on your router. You also hit the wi-fi key right over here at the same time, and it’ll take the little bar right here will tell you if it’s connecting or not it usually takes like three minutes and it’ll print out a copy and show you the result.


It’ll stay out here if it’s connected or connection error and yeah it’ll print out a copy and inform you so let’s go on ahead and print a sample piece all you’re going to have to do for that is just hit this go button. It just automatically publishes a sample piece just for you to take a look at the colors it takes a moment but ill print there we go so it’s just your essential black and white range nothing too special I’m just showing you that it can print well print fast. It does that well overall I’m pretty satisfied with this printer. I think that it’s pretty easy to use the size is pretty good.

I like the size in case you guys were wondering these are the two types of toners that this printer supports it’s the 630. The 661 being standard deals me the other being high-yield I’d recommend sticking with these just because you can’t always trust third party brands you’re better off just sticking with the company itself. It should guarantee you a good result my most significant criticism of this printer would have to be the connection process to the phones and the desktops. In general, it was not an easy process for me; there was a lot of trying to install drivers, and google cloud print for some reason didn’t support the drivers at first.

brother laser printer black friday deals

Why pick Brother HL-L2340DW laser on Black Friday?

I messed around with the interface right over here, and although it is a small screen, the menus do pop up and mess around with that and finally got a connection. I can make a separate video on how to connect this printer. I did not like about it was that the USB connection process you’d think that they make it a USB 2.0 or a 3.0 connection but it’s a USB type b cable.

I can point out to that in the back of the printer, so you’ll see right here that printer does not use a standard USB cable though the regular flat ones that everybody uses it’s the USB you tied me a hard connection. I don’t know of anybody who has that cable, so you’re going to have to buy that on your own separately if you want to connect to the USB. I think that they could have quickly gone with the regular USB 2.0 cable that’s only an unnecessary drawback and hassle, in my opinion.

Final Verdict

This printer does also supports amazon – support so if you ever find yourself running out of ink quite frequently you can just hit the dash button. They’ll ship a refill to you immediately, so that’s pretty convenient and intuitive that they put that into the printer. I would recommend this printer it’s pretty good value for what it does it takes care of all my needs again just the connection part would be the best. If we’re to improve on especially the phone connection in general but other than that I can’t have too many complaints on it it looks like it’s printing one last thing over here.

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