Brother CS6000i Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Brother CS6000i Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Brother CS6000i or Brother CS7000i Cyber Monday & Prime Day new sales and discounts.

Brother CS6000i

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Brother CS6000i Black Friday Deals 2021

Brother cs6000i computer sewing machine that I’ve had since 2014, so out of these three buttons that you see, I only use this one.

Brother CS6000i black friday


This is just the reverse when I see the reverse button when I start a stitch and when I end the stitch, this button right here is it will put your needle up, or it’ll put your needle down you can also use the hand will. I’m just used to using the animal, so that’s what I use, so let’s say I am started going. If I press the button, it will reverse, and then I take my finger, and it will go forward, and my foot is currently depressed listed your start/stop button, so you push that it’ll stop even though my foot is still at all this right here are your speed. Check out SINGER 4423 Black Friday Deals.


This being the slowest speed, this medium is the fastest, so even if I had to press my foot down, it would never go faster than you okay this medium speed this is the little button will go. For our last switch, I think one of the machine’s excellent features is on the front. It has your LCD readout screen; this is where all of your stitch selection magic happens. So when you turn the machine, it automatically defaults to stitch selection zero, and here are your sixteen stitches that you have to choose from, and zero happens to be just a regular straight stitch with the needle position to the left.

Brother CS6000i vs Brother CS7000i

This particular machine looks very similar to the other machine and there is a good reason for that a lot of the features are the same. They both have 850 stitches per minute as well as a built-in free arm with accessory storage, a removable extension, a table a speed controller, an LCD screen. You can choose the stitch that you want and it will suggest what foot you need to use with it.

Threading System

They both have an easy threading system to follow a bobbin winder, an automatic needle threader. They both have access to manually turn the wheel when you need it and if you turn the machine around. There’s a button on the back that will allow you to lower the feed dogs which is helpful.

Extension Table

We’ve gone through everything that’s the same on this sewing machine. I do want to talk about everything that comes in the accessory pouch. they are also all of the same and then once I go through that let’s jump right on into those differences all right so the accessory pack will come with your extension table and both machines will come with that nice large quilters extension table.

Brother CS7000i Black Friday


The cs6000i has 60 different stitches the cs7000 will come with 70 different stitches. Those extra stitches that you get with the cs7000i that particular machine will come with a few fancier stitches and some nicer quilter stitches. I don’t know if that matters to you you can actually have a look at the different pictures.


We come back to the screen. You can see that this is your sexual stitch selection this which I think is pretty cool. It shows you which foot that you’ll have to choose for that particular stitch, which is so stitched put j this maximum number is your stitch length.

This bottom number is your stitch width, so let’s say we’d like to choose stitch number 31 this buttonhole stitch right. So we come here, and this changes the digit on the left, and this one changes the one on the right so now we see that it has changed that we need to change the foot to the buttonhole foot which is the default stitch length is one default stitch width is six, and you can change these items.

Brother CS6000i black friday deals

Why pick Brother CS6000i on Black Friday?

You go so far you can make any changes or edits here, and let’s say like oh man, let me go back to the default is the one circle around it so honestly, I’m thrilled with this machine. I would recommend this whether you are new to sewing or if you are a more experienced seamstress, I feel like it’s a dependable machine when I first started sewing I had a brother a lower-end brother.

I mainly so apparel like the top that I’m wearing right now I made and different like bags and accessories so the thickest fabrics that I so through our upholstery and denim but so I ha

Final Verdict

I have it’s been just fine on this machine, and it’s like I said it’s much quieter. I appreciate the accessories that this machine comes with the walking foot is a godsend. It’s cool that it comes with like a free arm quilting foot, and I still haven’t used all the feet that it came with. It has all sixty stitches, but honestly, I only use about four, so overall it’s just it’s a good workhorse.

I would even say if you have like an Etsy shop or even thinking about like opening up your little Etsy shop out of your house. I feel like it’s a good workhorse for that. It’s just a great introductory machine for every day if you’re doing like light mending, and things like that it may be too much for you. Still, it’s an excellent, dependable machine at least for me so far the only drawback I may have is the issue of the light but I think a lot of sewing machines don’t have powerful lights for the most part, but I have an overall lamp that’s attached to my desk.

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