Braun Series 9 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Are you looking for Braun Series 9 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Braun Series 9 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Braun Series 9 Black Friday Deals 2021

The braun series nine let’s start with the pros and cons for pros it cuts really soft I don’t know what it is about the foils but when you’re cutting it’s not hard so if you stick it in it won’t won’t take a hard line.

braun series 9 black friday


One thing to notice about it is the shave it’s different it’s not the same as andis profile or maybe a Pamela’s it’s smoother I think that could be for two reasons one maybe it doesn’t cut as close and two it could just be the shaver you know but yeah that’s one thing that I didn’t notice about it it’s very soft so that comes in handy when you’re trying to blend out the bald into your new 0 another pro would be that it’s easy to clean.

The cleaner and you just stick it in there press a blend and it sanitizes it for you does everything for you I don’t think I’ll be nervous about that thing though is that you have to press it again to make sure it stops or also to just keep cycling on and then it does a really good job cleaning it I mean I notice once you one once you’re done cleaning it inside the foil there’s no hair there’s nothing and I mean you can’t really clean it well with just your brush or whatever use maybe with it with a spray can you can clean it pretty well.


The solution that’s in there does a really good job of that so for the next pro I would say the battery I really like the fact that you can see the battery on it I don’t think it’s too much of a big deal because you can just put it inside the stand and it’ll always be charging it for you you’ll never have a problem with that I do like the fact that it shows you you know like you can see where your tools are at you know maybe it comes in handy if you’re in mobile barber that’s one thing I didn’t notice too when I cook at my house a lot of times.

The case and I’ll charge it when I think it’s almost daddy no and a lot of my tools you don’t have a battery for me to see when it’s almost dead this thing does so I can see you know it has one more bar let me charge it my octane’s for example they last a really long time but when it just goes out you can’t tell how many batteries has and I mean for some people that might be a really big thing you know I just think it’s helpful to know when your battery or where your batteries that so yeah that’s another big pro.


I like about it would be the swivel head it’s not a really big thing how do you say this is kind of it’s just another one on this thing that comes in handy it’s cool for when you’re going around the head and everything it just makes it work smoother it’s not really a necessary thing but one thing for sure which we’ll get into in the cons but one thing for sure is that it is good that it slows know when you’re trying to get right here under the ear to balled it out and that’s pretty much the only time I’ve noticed that I really need it to swivel you know alright.

I said this thing does come with the charging stand and that does come really handy if you’re in a shop or something because you could just stick it in there which are your tools okay so for example four trimmers the Babyliss trimmer it doesn’t come with a stand and to me, that was a selling point that would be a reason for me not to buy it I like the fact that I can just put my tools there.

braun series 9 black friday deals

Why pick Braun Series 9 on Black Friday?

The stand so does the recall that the wall trimmer that one comes to the stand now so I just think it’s cool to just have a place to put your trimmer and I just leave it on your station or whatever so I do like the stand alright so another pro right another pro would be that you can take down hair that’s really luck by really long I mean long for a trimmer or for a favour what I was is that you can take off hair from a half the regular shaver you can hear you it’ll just buzz really bad your client hears it’s not cool you know it just sounds uncomfortable but with this thing, it’s really like buzz clients don’t really notice a man.

It’s really quick what I do is I make my guyline with the triple zero to start well this would be for a bald fade if I was going in with the triple zero with nandus or with any other shaver it would make a really bad noise it would just be nasty with this thing it’s like and it doesn’t make that noise it’s just really smooth it takes a hair down so yeah you can sit down fairly long hair with this I think at a triple zero you’re kind of going pretty long for a shaver one thing I used to do with my hand is shavers was run from the bottom down and then go upwards.

Final Verdict

The hair out that way it kind of shortens it a little more from the triple-zero but with this thing I could just go in there and take all the hair out another thing about this thing their economics, it’s easy to hold it’s kind of makes sense it’s not a really big thing you know you get used to the box shares if that’s what you use you find no problem with it but using this it’s just easy to use you know it fits in your hand very well it’s just easy to use it’s comfortable.

I’m trying to say is that when you’re going when you’re down here for some reason it’s always down here always around here with the regular shaver you get more contrast from another shaver with this one sometimes it still leaves.

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