Bose SoundLink 2 Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday 2021

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Bose SoundLink 2 Headphones Black Friday Deals 2021

The bose soundlink twos after having used them for about three years do I still love using these headphones well yeah because I still use them I wouldn’t have used them for this time if I didn’t like them have I got issues with them.

Bose SoundLink headphones black friday


I mean I still really love the design of these headphones I love the fact that you can plug them in and those automatically switch off and then you pull it out and it automatically switches on in pairs to two devices and it’s which is quite well between them and I also just love the sound of them I mean if you love bass and you wanted to be really bass heavy these headphones are not gonna be for you they have more of a kind of natural sound but I feel like that natural sound and it sounds so so much better than you know other cheaper headphones.


I had in the past they’re also still really comfortable which by the way a little tip with them is before you put them on kind of pull out the memory foam in it and then it kind of vests around you even it’s kind of to explain but just do that and it makes them feel a lot more comfortable when you put them on you know if you use them for the right amount of time they are very comfortable through our definitely a lot more comfortable than other headphones I’ve tried out the battery life is also really good. Check out Sennheiser HD 650 Headphone Black Friday Deals


I mean ja I do have it plugged in a lot of the times but when I do have them plugged in I don’t really have to worry about the battery too much because it does last a long time and even if the battery is showing to be pretty low it does usually still last for a while after that and when the battery is low it’s usually pretty quick to charge up to and the range vii is also really good too and it does keep up the quality when it’s at range but while I do still love using these headphones as with pretty much anything I do have some issues with them so the balsamiq tools I use aren’t actually the same sounding tools that I used when I first bought them this is actually like the fourth.

I think something to that I’ve had I have had them all replaced on warranty but yeah this is the fourth one after only three to four years the issue that caused that for the most part other than one of the times which I’ll say about in a bit is there’s this kind of rubber bit that goes around the 2.5 millimeter headphone jack that bit on pretty much all of the sounding tubes I’ve had I started to peel off basically the adhesive I took it down just wasn’t strong enough so it kind of peeled up from that when I called those about this they said that the reason was because of heat or something and it’s not a common thing that happens to them.


I must have been keeping it somewhere that was too hot and they were asking if I put in a bag or whatever which I usually don’t issue just around the house I always put it back in this case I do look after it really well so I think that that’s something that’s pretty common with these headphones I mean it’s not as if I’ve had a huge hair sample size but with each of them other than this one as I said they’ve all had the same issue and to be honest I do think if I had that other one for long enough the same thing would have happened to and one of those that I’ve had the issue one is the current one.

Bose SoundLink headphones black friday deals

Why pick Bose SoundLink 2 on Black Friday?

I’ve got now so you may think that this isn’t a big deal you know it kind of peeling off a bit but my worry with it is is whether he’s gonna continue to peel even more I don’t want it all to peel around that and cause an issue where I’m not able to plug the wire in that easily or anything like that so I do think it was worth getting them replaced this may not bother you at all or not but it is something that has caused me to want to replace their phones over and over again and the other time was where the volume keys on the headphones just stopped working.

When he pushed in the volume keys he just basically pushed in nothing happened to be fair to bose they did replace them each time without hesitation they didn’t give me any hassle it did take a bit of time because I did have to send them to them and then when they got to them they’d check over and then they’d turn a new one so he did take I think it was between two to three weeks to get my headphones back I mean I know it was quite a bit of a time that I was missing his headphones but yeah they customer service with them was great and the warranty is very generous.

Final Verdict

Those aren’t the only issues I had with the headphones so I found that with these headphones if it’s only connected to one device and is trying to connect to another device which it can’t find always have an having trouble connecting to it will sometimes make the audio go a bit stuffy or make it kind of cut in and out and stuff like that which if he’s trying to connect to a device that’s you know it’s not gonna connect to can be a bit annoying also even though in most cases it does play audio from the right source basically the one that you were coming to use in sometimes I found.

I’m using a video editor or something like that and it connects to my laptop and then I want to switch to my phone and listen to a video although I wouldn’t recommend editing with these headphones over bluetooth since there’s a bit delay through bluetooth although I haven’t encountered this delay issue with anything else other.

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