Bose QuietComfort 35 II Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Bose QuietComfort 35 Black Friday Deals 2021

The hot long-awaited successor to the series ones which were critically acclaimed for having amazing active noise cancellation supreme comfort and pretty decent sound actually for a wireless Bluetooth headset. It does have a built-in mic, so I guess that makes it a headset um we’re going to be talking about this and sort of my experience with it. I’ve found to be good and not so good about this new headset from bose for starters these launched with an MSRP of, and that’s, of course, the same series one was when it first started years ago the overall design language on these cans is pretty lovely.

bose qc35 black friday

I mean it’s super simple but somehow manages not to be boring and they look beautiful when you’re wearing them and stuff there. They’re stylish but also understated, so they’re not going to be overly aggressive and attract too much attention, which I like. Additionally, we’ve got sort of a plastic housing all around which surprisingly is sturdy for how light it is. I will say the exception is with the adjustable headband; you get some metallic construction here. So no matter how many times you do this it’s probably going to hold up reasonably well over time you also get an Alcantara headband on the inlay here which is fantastically comfortable everything about this headset makes it supremely comfortable for long periods of listening that’s including the very soft of the touch ear pads. I wouldn’t call the memory foam, but they’re incredibly soft they’re kind of like having pillows on your ears and additionally, you’ve got just a perfect clamping force for my sized head anyway. Check out Beats SOLO 2┬áblack Friday deals.



I have an average-sized head. I feel like the clamping force is spot-on. The only thing I will say is that when you’ve not used your headphones and your turn turning the ear cups out like that, they’re a little bit tight around my neck in particular unless. I completely extend the headband so bear that in mind if you’re kind of person who likes to have them relaxed they’re not the most comfortable in that regard but everywhere else absolutely fabulous. I also appreciate how flexible these ear cups are you can pivot them in nearly any direction, and that helps them just going with the flow as you move your head left and right additionally. You can fold up the entire headset to a pretty small size it comes included with a very compact travel case on the right ear cup you get a power switch that also acts as a Bluetooth pairing switch and pairing this guy is super quick and easy.



It’s a pairing led, of course, and that’s right next to a trio of buttons; the ones on the outside are your volume up and down. They’re slightly raised slightly higher than the multifunction button in the middle, which is you know going to be for like play and pause for music tracks movies, etc., and the fact that it’s a bit recessed makes. It is effortless to locate any of these buttons while you’re wearing the headset which of course, means you wouldn’t be able to see them so good on bose for making these easy to locate by touch on the left ear cup we get a large action button which summons google assistant.

So, if you’re a user of google assistant, then you can access it tell it to do things for you without ever looking at the phone that includes things like you know telling me what time it is what’s the weather like right now set a reminder for this call mom and the list goes on, and I’ll be honest. I use google assistant all the time on my phone, but I can’t personally see myself using it much while wearing a headset like this and listening to music or something like that some people might be different. So I think at the end of the day this is going to be one of those features that you either need and are going to use all the time or something that you can honestly live without now if you don’t need google assistant you can reprogram the action button to adjust the level of active noise cancellation. I think you have to download the bose connect app to do that, but once you do pressing the button once will adjust it from either off to low or high noise cancellation at high noise cancellation.


I think you go from twenty to forty hours of playback time and they do include an I believe this is a mini-jack to a 3.5-millimeter cable for you to use now when using this as a wired device you have the option to keep the headphones on or power them off if you power them off. You’re entering the passive mode, which means you’re disabling bosses own DSP or digital signal processing, which equates to not the best sound. You actually have a slight reduction in just the amount of balance and crispness of the sound quality and this is something that I’ve noticed personally and have also noted in other reviews at the end of the day.

Why pick Bose QuietComfort 35 on Black Friday?

You’re going to get the best quality sound out of these cans by keeping them powered on now as far as the actual sound quality goes. I think these things sound great honestly for Bluetooth headphones I mean to bear in mind these are wireless guys, so you’re not going to be hitting anywhere near audiophile territory, but for the average user, these are going to sound fantastic as is the case with a lot of bose products these are fairly bass-heavy but don’t get me wrong they still have some pretty crisp sounding mids and highs as well.

Final Verdict

I’d love to test this out in a gaming senay to see if this would even make a decent gaming headset if you guys think that’d be a cool idea leave me some love and some feedback in the comments below additionally if you already own a series one headset then I wouldn’t say that this is worth upgrading unless you need that google assistant, however, being able to change the active noise cancellation on-the-fly is super handy but if you don’t have either headset.

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