Bose QuietComfort 25 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Are you looking for Bose QC25 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Bose QuietComfort 25 Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Black Friday Deals 2021

Today my review on the Bose quiet comfort 25 active noise-canceling headphones. In this review, I’ll cover the features comfort and sound quality and compare these to the bose QC v and ultimately help you decide. If these are the headphones for you or not now remember to check below for any additional information including where to get these at for the best price. Check out Bose QuietComfort 35 black Friday deals.

bose qc25 black friday

So, I’ll start off by showing you the accessories and then give you a closer look at the design and features included with the headphones are manual cable with inline remote airline adapter triple a battery and a hard travel case the headphone cable is 56 inches long it terminates in a 3.5-millimetre plug and attaches to the left ear cup the included hard-sided case looks nice and does a great job protecting the headphones. Its backside consists of a stretchable sleeve that functions as an extra compartment for accessories or small items. The case is also about 30 lower than the previous model, the QC 15, which makes it that much better for travel and portable use.



When it comes to the design features in build quality the QC 25 is well-thought-out and it makes incremental improvements over the QC 15 on almost every front. For example, smart enhancements were added to this headphone like the rubber guard around the ear cups this not only improves the comfort but it’s also functional by protecting the finish of these headphones when laying them down on a table or storing them in their case as the ear cups won’t scratch against each other. When folded up, the qc25 allows you to use them passively even after the battery runs out battery life is approximately 30 to 35 hours depending on how loud you like to listen to your music. The qc25 is minimized. Contemporary design has less flash than its predecessor with a choice between a grey and black look or the tan and white combination.


You also have the option of personalizing your headphones through a color wave available through bose’s website. These do have a plastic feel to them just as the QC 15 did, but they’re still well built and durable. You can stretch the headphones horizontally or bend them sideways without causing any damage regarding comfort. Qc25 is one of the most comfortable headphones in existence. They are incredibly light for an over your headphone weighing in at just 6.9 ounces without the cable. The headband is added with a bit of cushion inside for extra comfort, and like the QC 15, you can also adjust the size of the headphones using a click adjustment. There’s plenty of room here even if you have a large head; also, you don’t have to worry about these slipping off your head because they give a secure fit without being clamping at all the ear cups have plenty of room even if you have larger ears. They also swivel 90 degrees for more accessible storage. The earpads are very luxurious feeling and you can comfortably wear these all day long without any discomfort around your ears head or jaw.


These are genuinely perfect for long listening sessions whether traveling at work or just using them at home next. I’ll talk about how these work as noise-canceling headphones but first, I want to make sure the difference between noise cancellation and noise isolation is understood noise isolation is when your headphones suppress the external sound. In contrast, active noise cancellation is achieved by having inverse waves passing through the headphone speakers. This helps cancel out the surrounding noise, so this works best with lower frequency sounds such as the drone of an airplane engine or the whorl of an office air conditioner.

Now just like with the QC 15, if you haven’t used active noise-canceling headphones before, you’ll be blown away by how powerful this feature can be when it comes to active noise cancellation. Bose is simply the best, and the qc25 truly decimates all low-end noise airplane engines, and similar type noises disappear on these making them perfect for use on airplanes trains buses in the subway, even just walking next to a road.


It’s impressive how much these dampen the noise of passing cars now as I alluded to earlier these aren’t as effective at canceling out higher frequency noise, so if you’re using these in an office. You’ll still be able to hear people’s voices, especially female ones. However, these do even help take the edge off nearby conversations to use the active noise cancellation feature. You will need a triple-a battery. Now, if your battery runs out, you won’t be able to use the ANC, but you will be able to use your headphones passively, which is an improvement over the previous model the QC 15 also you have the option of turning the ancon or off.

So you’re never forced to use it the downside though is that when the ANC is not in use the sound quality suffers which I’ll talk more about soon overall in terms of noise can solution though no other over your headphones do a better job than the qc25 even compared to the QC 15. These do have slightly better noise cancellation when it comes to the low frequencies these headphones are fantastic and are truly designed to be used in noisy environments and whether you’re on an aeroplane or riding the subway. You’ll still be able to have a tranquil and intimate listening experience next.

Bose QC25 Black Friday deals

Why pick Bose QC25 on Black Friday?

I’ll talk about the sound quality, which is really good. These do have a delightful sound signature. Overall, these are warm, smooth, and relaxed on a headphone with an excellent overall balance and neutrality. They’re relatively clean sounding and provide precise details with instruments and vocals. The bass is emphasized a bit but still well managed. It has a tight, punchy quality to it without sacrificing clarity to the mids, and highs essential extension is also very good those sub-bass lacks just slightly. Still, overall lower frequencies have a beautiful deep rich and full sound and whether you’re listening to more contemporary genres or classical pieces.

The bass is very satisfying to listen. The mid-range is wonderfully neutral smooth and coherent vocals, and guitars are lifelike and natural, and there’s good instrument separation. There’s a bit of a spike in the upper mids, but the overall presentation is smooth and still quite pleasing to the ears the highs are nicely detailed with no distortion of higher volumes. However, the mid-treble response is just a tad artificial sounding and slightly colored sometimes, your s sounds can come across a little more pronounced, but the qc25 never sounds harsh or strident in the least, and as a result, you can listen to these for hours without fatigue overall.

Final Verdict

There’s plenty of life and energy in the treble region to make these a very engaging headphone to listen to now as I alluded to earlier the sound quality is affected when using these in passive mode in other words when the ANC is turned off the lows become a bit muddy. There’s less deep bass. There’s a little less clarity in the mids, and a couple of decibels also decrease the treble response.

So while they don’t sound as good as what the ANC turned on, they don’t look bad either, and obviously it’s better to have some sound than no sound at all if your battery runs out and you don’t have a replacement but the bottom line on sound quality is that these will sound great with any genre of music.

Overall whether you’re talking about features comfort or sound quality the QC 25 is the better choice, and then comparing these to the bose qc25 25 does a slightly better job overall with noise cancellation and in terms of sound quality the qc25 ides a more mellow sound signature by comparison. Abandonment isn’t quite good will end up sounding better because you have more of that intimate listening experience and can hear more of the clarity and detail in your music.

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