BOSE A20 Aviation Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Bose A20 Aviation Headset Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Bose A20 Aviation Cyber Monday or Amazon Prime Day’s new sales and discounts.

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BOSE A20 Aviation Headset Black Friday Deals 2021

We’ll give an overview of the headset and explain its features and available options. Then we’ll give you feedback on our use of the headset in the aircraft. We understand how important having the right headset is for your comfort and hearing protection in the aircraft. We’ll give you an honest review of the headset so you can make the correct decision when purchasing your headset.

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset was introduced in July 2010 to follow up to the very popular Aviation Headset ten. The Bose Ten had been available for 12 years, and although it had been tremendously popular, customers did have some complaints. Bose addressed these issues in the new A20s design. I’ll detail these designs later in the video but first, let’s explore the headset and its features. Check out Sony WH1000XM3 Black Friday Deals.

BOSE A20 Aviation Black Friday

What’s in the box?

The Bose A20 comes in a case that includes the headset, manual, batteries, and audio interface cable. To keep the headset light but still firm, Bose used magnesium in the construction of the Headband. At the top center, a torsion spring closes the headset and provides just the right amount of pressure around your ears to keep the headset stable and to keep unwanted noise from leaking in. The Headband is made of sheepskin and has a center gap that makes this headset comfortable with ball caps. The serial number of this headset is found underneath this head pad.


The Headband is adjustable by sliding the earcups up and down. Each earcup is marked Left and right since the earcups are angled to match the contour of your ears and provide a superior seal for noise reduction. The earcup was designed to fit most ears, and the inside earcup was designed to slope around the electronics to maximize the amount of space available for the ear.

Material in use

The ear seals use a soft leather-like material. The Headband and earcups are easily replaced. The ear seals pull off and can be replaced by wrapping the ear seal around a plastic lip on the earcup. Bose recommends replacing the ear seals every six months. I have found that it varies based on how much you use the headset.

For most customers, once a year is more appropriate. If you leave them on longer, the material may start to crack and flake off. The headset is available with several different cable options. The three most popular connections are the twin plug version which is used in most general aviation aircraft.

Connectors & Plugs

The U174 connector is a single plug that is used in most helicopters. The last type is the Lemo panel mount connector which allows the headset to receive power directly from the aircraft instead of battery power. The Lemo connector requires the installation of the appropriate jack in the aircraft. Much newer aircraft come delivered with this jack. If you purchase the Lemo connector version, adapter cables enable you to plug your headset into standard twin plugs or the U174 single plug.


This is a popular feature for CFIs who often fly and in many different types of aircraft. Each connector option is available with or without the Bluetooth feature. The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect to a cellphone. We’ll come back to that feature later.

bose a20 aviation headset black friday


It’s essential to choose the correct combination of connector and Bluetooth when placing your order. The choice of connector does not affect the headset’s cost, but the Bluetooth feature will cost extra bucks. The Bose A20 aviation headset comes configured with the Microphone on the left side of the headset.


The Bose A20 aviation headset comes configured with the Microphone on the left side of the headset. The Microphone and cable assembly can be removed and reattached on the right side to match your personal preference. The removable mic also allows you to purchase another mic to change the type of connector on the cable. If you have a headset without the Bluetooth feature and would like to add it, you have the option of purchasing a mic and cable assembly with the Bluetooth feature.

LED Indication

It’s much more cost-effective to purchase the Bluetooth feature when you first buy the headset instead of adding it later. The mic cable includes the control module. The top button is a power switch. When switched on, an LED indicates that the headset has power. If the light is green, the headset has between 8 and 40 hours of battery life. If it is amber, it is between 2 and 8 hours of life left, and if it is red, you have less than two hours of battery life left. Left and right volume control allows you to control each earcup’s volume individually.


A mid-range detent helps with adjusting the volume level without looking at the switch. The Bluetooth Function Button has several functions: answering calls, ending calls, initiating voice dialling, and pairing your cellphone with the A20. The Bluetooth function enables your headset to connect to a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone for making phone calls wirelessly. The Bluetooth volume is on the side of the control module, and it controls the volume of your Bluetooth device. Versions of the headset without the Bluetooth feature will be missing these parts. Although Bluetooth can make phone calls, it does not allow for streaming music into the headset.

BOSE A20 Aviation cyber monday

Transmission Control

To listen to music, you will need to connect your phone or mp3 player using a cable plugs into the control module’s bottom. The multifunction switch controls the priority of the Audio that is coming into the headset, and it also acts as the Bluetooth power switch. In the top position, the headset will give priority to Intercom and radio communications.

When a transmission is received through the intercom (including communications from both ATC and another person on your intercom), Audio such as music from an attached device will be muted. With the switch in the middle position, all sound coming from the intercom is mixed with the Audio. If your music is turned up too high in this position, you may miss some radio calls. With the switch in the bottom position, only the intercom is active. You will not hear any music. In addition, the power to the Bluetooth feature will be turned off.

Why pick Bose A20 Aviation on Black Friday?

The Bluetooth feature will only work if you have the switch in either the top or middle position. Bluetooth communications are always mixed with intercom communications regardless of the priority switch position. The Bose A20 is capable of talking through your Bluetooth regardless if your headset is plugged into the aircraft or not. This enables you to call for clearance before engine startup quickly. The noise-reducing Microphone’s excellent capabilities enable you to make a call directly from a noisy ramp.


The back of the control module slides down to expose the battery compartment where two AA batteries fit to supply power for the ANR circuitry. Inside the battery compartment are two DIP switches. One allows you to select either mono or stereo mode depending on the intercom system installed in the aircraft. The other switch controls auto-off whether or not you want the A20 to sense when it is not in use and turn itself off. This switch is usually left in the auto position. If you are a Bose Aviation headset ten owner and are considering upgrading your headset, you won’t be disappointed.

Different from other Bose Headsets

A complaint from many Bose owners was that the earcup would sit on top of their ear and rub the liner inside the earcup. This would make the headset uncomfortable on longer flights. So when designing the A20, Bose changed the geometry of the earcup to provide a larger opening for most ears.

The liner on the inside of the earcup was also shaped to allow more space inside the earcup for your ear. Another complaint about the Bose was an accidental change in volume on the battery module caused by the volume knobs rubbing against the aircraft’s interior during a flight. So Bose added shields to the volume controls on the A20 to protect against this unintentional volume change. The Headband was also improved.

Sound Quality

The Bose ten’s torsion spring would close the headset all the way when it wasn’t in use. After a hot, sweaty flight, the wet ear seals would rest against each other when the headset wasn’t in use. As the ear seals dried, they would stick together. Over time, this would weaken the ear seals, starting to crack and flake apart. The A20 simply stopped the Headband that prevents the headset from closing all of the ways. This prevents the ear seals from getting distorted and prematurely cracking.

The Bose A20 has also been engineered to be quieter than the aviation headset ten. It has been designed to work in louder environments and across a broader range of frequencies. The ANR circuit is designed differently than the previous Bose ten. It includes a microphone on the inside and outside of the earcup that collects sound and analyzes it. The unwanted sound is identified, and a correction signal is created and transmitted inside the earcup to eliminate unwanted noise. So how does the headset perform in the aircraft? Overwhelmingly, customers like the A20 much better than the previous version, the Bose ten.

Final Verdict

They are happy with the additional comfort that the A20 provides and they are also impressed by the quality of the noise reduction. When the A20 first came out, most people were skeptical that the A20 could be quieter than the Bose ten. But then the customer reports started coming in and the A20 proved that it was noticeably quieter than the Bose ten.

The comfort of the headset is subjective and will vary from person to person but overall, customers think that the A20 is the most comfortable headset available. We also tested the Bluetooth feature by making cell phone calls from the aircraft. The Bluetooth connects effortlessly and the communication is very clear. In fact, the person receiving the call will barely be able to tell that you are in the aircraft.

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