Bose Headphones 700 Memorial Day Sale 2022

Are you looking for Bose 700 Black Friday Deals 2022? This article will give you a complete guide for Bose 700 Memorial Day & Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Bose 700 Memorial Day Sale 2022

The consumers, you’ll see what I mean, so the most striking part is, of course, the new pretty minimal design. I don’t love it. I mean, it’s a unique look; it looks fine.

Bose 700 Memorial Day

I think the look they’re going for here is minimal and clean, but I like that there’s still a map like everything there’s also a silver version; I like that it’s pretty lightweight.

Ear Cups

They’ve kind of seemingly gotten rid of any visible hinges or any broken lines at all; it just kind of looks like these smooth ear cups attached to one single stock, but you can still rotate them around, and it still gives you pretty much a hundred percent of the flexibility you had before the top band is still soft. The clamping force is still pretty solid.


The 700s have USB type-c where all the quiet comforts were MicroUSB; these will now also connect to two different Bluetooth devices at once and instantly swap back and forth between the love that you now have also a touchpad on the side of the right headphone with MIDI controls.


Double-tap the touchpad to play and pause swipe up or swipe down to change the volume up or down and swipe forward to go forward swipe backward to go back; it’s not cold enough for me to test if these like stop working when it’s cold, or anything like that but they seem to work pretty great.

Bose 700 Black Friday

Noise Cancellation

The left side is a noise cancellation adjustment button so that you can cycle between a maximum of 10 out of 10, 5 out of 10, or 0 out of 10 noise cancellation. Those presets are customizable, and then the Bose music app is all fresh and clean, and it’ll tell you exactly how much better you have left to the minute.

Noise cancellation level from 1 to 10 at any time, which is super specific, and you can change what assistant the assistant button triggers.

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