Bosch GCM12SD Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Bosch GCM12SD Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Bosch GCM12SD Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Bosch GCM12SD Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I think this is one of the greatest innovations in modern power tools. I’m setting up the new shop space and I wanted a new miter saw to start things off right so I picked the bosch gcm12sd. I first read about this saw in fine homebuilding five years ago and I’ve been dreaming about having one ever since I actually reached out to bosch to see. Grab a deal on Dewalt DWE7485 Black Friday.

Bosch GCM12SD Black Friday

It’s no guarantee that you’re gonna get free power tools but despite that fact I still went out and bought one on my own because I finally just had to have one it’s the tool that revolutionized the miter saw industry and it did this by incorporating an incredible feature that no other company has managed to pull off.


I’m going to show you what that feature is and why it’s so ingenious and that’s coming up next on the honest carpenter show. I tend to anchor my shop around the miter saw and I do this because I see the miter saw as the least-mobile tool. I like my saw to have a long table or bed that I can easily lay stock on cut it in one quick pass and carry the pieces away other tools may roll around for a better angle but in my shop. I keep my miter saw stationary for that reason i want it against a long wall where it’s out of the way but this has always brought up a very big problem because mitre saws take up a huge amount of space virtually.


Every miter saw with a deep cut capacity has relied on the rail system to support the motor and blade mount on double rails which allow it to slide forward and backwards to complete deep cut saws that don’t slide have a very short cut depth often just several inches this hurts.

You in a shop or on the job site, because it means that you’re going to have to pull out the circular, saw for any cut wider than that a sliding compound saw gives you that deeper reach which saves you a lot of hassle but it brings up an even bigger hassle.


These saws traditionally just won’t fit anywhere because the rails need a ton of space behind the saw for years. I used this Dewalt 708 which was a great saw but to mount it in the shop. I needed a table that was three feet deep that table stuck 36 inches out into the room not because I wanted it to but because the saw required it.

Dual-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

That’s eating up a lot of floor space in your shop and it’s all because the saw needs all that backswing the space behind it to operate. On top of that the rail system is prone to rail deterioration it gets gunked up with sawdust doesn’t operate as well over time and sometimes the bearings inside need to be serviced in the new space I wanted something more efficient and that led me to the Bosch GCM12.

bosch gcm12sd cyber monday


Bosch eliminated the backswing problem when they created the glide system instead of sliding rails the glide utilizes this crazy terminator arm. It’s an aluminum axial system where two pivotal arms work in unison to bring the motor and the blade forward and backward and it does this with sealed bearings that aren’t exposed to sawdust and gunk not only is this system insanely smooth and functional.

Final Verdict

It has no backswing whatsoever you can put the saw nearly flat up against the wall and it’ll do its job. In fact, it’ll do it a lot better than other saws because it actually has a deeper cut span the blade on the glide reaches almost 14 inches horizontally that’s an inch and a half more than my Dewalt could get and it can smoothly cut stock six and a half inches vertical like tall baseboard. This lack of backswing saves me more than a foot of shop space from the front of the base to the rear of the tool is barely 19 inches a 24-inch table will give me more than enough clearance also the bevel adjustment.

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