Blink XT2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Blink XT2 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Blink XT2 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Blink XT2 Black Friday Deals 2021

The features that that come on this camera this thing have two-way audio it posts a two-year battery life and no monthly subscription fees even though the recordings are being sent to the cloud.

Blink XT2 Black Friday


It has a night vision and customizable motion detection and this camera also boasts a two-year battery life another cool thing about blink being an amazon company is that it works with all of their alexa products so you can link your blink camera to the amazon firetv or if you have an echo show and be able to see the footage on there so with this camera all of your footage gets recorded to the cloud.


There are no options to save it locally this is a cloud based camera only and with the free cloud storage it only saves 7200 seconds to the cloud which is equivalent to about two hours of recording depending on how long your clip lengths are you may not be getting that full year of backups the xt 2 also comes with 2-way talk which the original xt did not come with so now you can communicate with the person.

The other side of the camera through your phone by hitting and pushing down on the talk button and then when you release it you can hear the person on the other side. Check out Wyze Cam 2.0 WYZEC2 Black Friday Deals


The app right now we’ll go through the features and settings alright so here we have the app loaded up you can see right at the top of the screen here is the thumbnail of my camera and going through the different functions the little movie camera that is going to allow us to enable live view once a live view is loaded up here down on the bottom we see we have the ability to use the two-way talk so pushing and holding that down allows you to talk to the person you’re gonna let the button go and then you can hear the person respond there we close out of this.


We notice in the other corner the right corner of this thumbnail we’ve got a little camera icon in it that will allow us to update the thumbnail for or the camera that we’re seeing so say if it’s nighttime different time a day if you want a different update a you can tap on that that will update the image that you see for that specific camera down.

The very bottom left corner we can tap on to the icon and see our connection to the cloud see that we’re aligned our firmware information like that back out of here in the very bottom right corner we can arm and disarm an entire system that way with that toggle there we go up to the very top right we see the folder up in the top right corner and a little yellow dot meaning.

Blink XT2 Black Friday Deals

Why pick Blink XT2 on Black Friday?

There is footage that we have not viewed yet so taking a look here you can see that I’ve been in the backyard a lot this morning playing with the kids and we’ve got all the footage here one thing that I am not a fan of is all of the little yellow dots to get rid of those and indicate that you’ve seen them you have to actually tap on each one of these here to indicate that you have viewed the footage.

I wish that you could just do a clear all so that way you’re not having to look at all these little yellow ones but if we look at the top we see our storage we’re at 42% right now and there’s the arrow that dropped down this is the auto delete after certain amount of time by default.

Final Verdict

I believe mine was at 30 days I did switch mine to a full year so we can go ahead and back out of here right above the thumbnail for this camera you can see that it’s named backyard and then to the right of that we can see the icon of the little guy running here that icon is a toggle for us to toggle motion detection on and off.

If you don’t want motion detection on you can tap on that to turn it off but just to the right of that is the setting so taking a look at settings we can rename the camera check here we can check the battery life temperature we can see what the temperature is and set alerts for different temperatures.

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