Best Black Friday Surfboard Deals

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Surfboard Deals 2020

Today we’re gonna be showing you guys how to choose a surfboard properly. We’re at like pretty much my favorite place in the world down at Sano and I brought down the quiver of my personal favorites so hopefully by the end of me talking about all these boards the goods the bad everything about surfboards. I hope you can all pick your perfect board the very simple breakdown of the difference from all these boards.

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Best Black Friday Surfboard Deals

I have here is longboard two shortboards and longboards gonna be easier to learn. It’s gonna work better in certain types of conditions. Generally, a beginner surfer is gonna gravitate towards a longboard catch more waves easier to learn. It’s like apples and oranges longboard shortboard what we’re gonna do here to step over.

I’m gonna start off with my smallest board and kind of give you the ins and outs of each one and go from there. Starting on my far left it’s my Mr twin fin it’s designed by two very famous shapers matt Biola and Mark Richards. It’s called the California twin is the name of the model by laser force and it’s your all-around easy-riding playful more of a fish style board.

Best Black Friday Surfboard Deals

It is perfect for mushy California waves mushy east coast waves it’s a dream and a point break and it’s been one of my favorite go-to boards all summer pretty much the sports 510. You’re kind of go-to board for almost everyday conditions so colin this tail is completely different than a lot of these tails tell me about that.

Fish Style Flat Rocker Boards

So this is a swallowtail that is generally found on a lot of fish style flat rocker boards that go really fast. You can see it’s got a little it’s got a wing single-wing swallowtail a lot of guys gonna ride this board as a twin fin. I like to put the little small trailer in the rear so it’s got the twin fin speed and looseness but you add this little stubby in the back and it kind of holds in a little bit more like a thruster.

So you didn’t write it as between pin 4 yeah you could write it, either way, a lot of guys just like to go straight twin when you put an extra fin does that make it more sturdy. I add this little stubby to the rear to all my twin fins and it just makes it hold in a little bit more give it a little bit more drive like your standard tri pinch or put ok here we got something a little bit different than what I just showed you. It’s a little bit more on the shortboard side of things meaning it does have to point your nose like a standard shortboard but this model is called the masen by law surfboards designed by matt by Olaf.

You can see here it’s got an asymmetrical tail on it. So it’s very different than any of the boards. You’re gonna see here and these have gotten really popular in the last few years and it’s another board that’s designed to make waves super playful super fun go fast to be super loose so calling when you’re riding one of these asymmetrical boards. You can only go one way can you go both ways how does that work because the tail is different on one side than it is on the other side this board is asymmetrical design for ade regular foot surfer meaning your toe is gonna be on this edge. Whether you’re going front side you’re gonna be leaning on this edge or you’re going backside your toe edge is always right.

Surfboard in Black Friday

So this board is made for regular foot surfer it’s an everyday board works great beach breaks works exceptionally good in a point break. It’s got such ease and speed that means literally you get that your toe edge engages in the water and you see this little channel the thing just goes like a rocket alright so calling this is something more like.

I would ride obviously this is a little bit bigger this is for your kind of size it’s a pulled in tail tell me about what waves you would ride this in and the conditions this board. It’s basically another all-arounder but it does have that tail that it’s gonna work in bigger juice here good waves what makes it fun in all types of it’s like the 80 spouts you see the beak nose on it really really got some upfront volume in the rails.

So it makes super easy to paddle which means we got tons of flotation from you know junky waves to big hollow waves it’s kind of just all around her. So I know a lot of people that I serve with it when they say they’re gonna ride around tail they’re always like we’re gonna ride around tail because the waves are barreling or are really good.

You’re saying even though this is a round tail and the tails pull in you can ride this all the time yeah absolutely the round tail is kind of got that vibe that by pull on like big gun big wave round tail as far as like the fins go. There’s a 5-inch set up on this it’s got five fins in it so you could literally write it as your standard try pin. You can put your standard quad fin in which is or fins or what I really like to do when the waves are on the mushy or smaller side is write it as a twin fin with my little stubby trailer. The cool thing about having five in the box is any possible fin configuration you want to do have a go at it.

LongBoard vs ShortBoard

You got everything here to try would you say for somebody that’s looking for just only one board to always get a five-pin set up so that way they can do anything with it absolutely. Most boards come with the five-pin set up because it’s just an open flame field you could run any setup you want all right colin. So we have another round tail. However, I noticed that there’s a strange type of pin box. This is more of like a longboard pin box in my opinion I see that on a long way this board is called the smooth operator model by law surfboards. This board even opens up more options because you can ride a standard single pin in this for a lot of guys will ride like a 7-inch center fin with full side bikes which is more of a progressive longboard setter riding.

It just the single fin is gonna really smooth out your surfing. You’re not gonna be able to get as radical and turn it sharp. You’re gonna have more of a straight line trim speed if I had to say get free surfboards made for the next five years. We’d be this exact model the single operator at 6:07 oh and tow and pretty much that would cover me anywhere.


I want to go any type of way. I want to serve no this is like the most diverse surfboard in away. It’s a very fun horse shape as in the width is way too far forward but it still goes into a point that gives it a little shortboard look this board would work in all types of surf and as a more beginner style board. It’s a little bit bigger mid-length style with some thickness it’s a great board to learn on because you’ve got plenty of volumes nice and stable and paddle speed when it comes to learning to surf the more volume the better you can’t have too much volume this is gonna make for paddle well which means it’s easier to catch a wave. I always tell people foams your friend if you ever question it goes with more volume and go with more foam moving into the longer style boards.

This is where things really change up we’re moving into more of a traditional style surfboard which is a longboard my whole background and competition and winning world titles is all been on longboards this board.