Beats SOLO 2 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Are you looking for Beats SOLO 2 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Beats SOLO 2 Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Beats SOLO 2 Black Friday Deals 2021

What’s going on everyone is your average consumer and today I’ve got a review for you guys of the brand new beats solo2 x’ so let’s not wasting time. Let’s get right into it all right guys here we have the new beats solo2 this is the newest entry into the beats headphone line and this is currently the replacement for the beats solo hds beats claims these have updated and improved acoustics.

Beats SOLO 2 Black Friday

Let’s talk about the design and the build quality it sports an almost identical look to the new beats studio while of course retaining the solo HD smaller footprint it is slightly larger than the solo hds however and like most of the beats. Check out Sony WH1000XM2 black Friday deals.


They come in quite a few colors you have black red white blue pink and silver and it should be noted that the black is the only color that features the red accents it shares many of the same design cues from the larger studio such as a more curved look a high-gloss finish which is quite the fingerprint magnet mind you larger and more padded ear cups and not to mention. The overall design of the ear cups with nice red accents much like the new beats studio. It offers improved build quality and mini c build quality as beats weakest point but that shouldn’t be a concern with the new design the curved headband won’t allow for snapping as easily as the original flat version.



I’m honestly not too confident in the quality of the hinges found on beats however as I’ve noticed over time they usually become pretty loose. I’m afraid that this may be an issue here as not much has changed with the hinges but it’s still far too early to determine whether or not that will happen next. Let’s talk about comfort the solo tools have everything needed to be comfortable headphones the curved and adjustable headband should be a good fit for anyone with a normal-sized head and even those with a jimmy neutron.

Thing going on the ear cups offers a great amount of padding for the ear and has a great seal around the listener even though these are considered on the earphones, although all of this sounds great. I found these to be pretty tight on my ears while this helps the headphone to feel secure, and with sound isolation after a while, it became a bit unbearable, especially since these ear cups are pressing down on them just about all of your ear.


It’s a similar discomfort to that of the mixers. Still, these have much better ear cups included with the solo tools is a single cable with remote talk controls volume controls and the plane. Pause feature work with most Apple products and play and pause for android the cable features an l-shaped input which is great as it won’t bend in your pocket. It’s high enough to work with mobile device cases and speaking of cases. This comes with a dumbed-down version of the solo hds travel pouch. There’s no longer a handle on the case to hold it by the case itself does offer some decent protection, but you still have to be wary of impact damage and putting too much pressure on it.

Beats SOLO 2 cyber monday

I also wish they didn’t remove the inside pouch so cables would have a spot inside the case beats and took a step backward with the accessories. They only include one wire a dumbed-down version of the travel pouch and not even a microfiber cloth, but with all that aside, let’s get to what you’re here for the sound quality. Now, I know you’re wondering did they improve the sound beats like a similar approach to what they did with the new studios and focus a bit more on clarity bass is more controlled and doesn’t cause the music to sound muddy or drowned out the sound is more polished without sacrificing too much bass. It doesn’t offer clarity to the levels of the new beat studios or the v-mode xs.

Best Deals for Beats SOLO 2 Black Friday:

I’ll go more in-depth with that in their comparison videos I think these are great for genres like rap hip hop dubstep pretty much anything basie. However, I do wish vocals had a bit more presence, but these still sound good nonetheless, overall beats are headed in the right direction with these tweaks and upgrades. I’ll take overall better sound quality with a slight hit to the bass any day but don’t misunderstand because they’ve controlled the bass a bit more, which doesn’t mean you won’t feel it mentioned by my girlfriend it’s still very present.

Oh my gosh, you have to feel these they have like it might even like the Skullcandy where it has like the basic a lot of babies oh my gosh you could feel it like in the ear cups. Oh, tons of bass there have it now do I recommend you picking up a pair it depends if you have sensitive ears. I try out a display unit first and see if you’re okay with the feel with that aside.

Final Verdict

As a package, it is worth it getting good build and sound quality and a very nice-looking headphone. I don’t think it’s for everyone, but I think the average music listeners should enjoy these, and they’re worth the try, but of course, it’s time to show you guys what they look like on such heritage.

We’ll start with a front view, so here you have it and, of course, from the sides and up top and for when you’re not using it put on your neck where it is, and that’s about it. So, guys like I said I like the direction these are going with the new headphones they started with the latest beats studio upgrading the sound quality. They do something somewhere here, so good stuff buy beats trying to change their image as far as sound quality goes, so that’s about it for this review.

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