Audioengine A2+ and Audioengine A5+ Black Friday Deals 2023

Audio lovers, listen up! It’s that time of year again—Black Friday! What better occasion to enhance your sound system than with Audioengine’s A2+ and A5+ speakers? Renowned for their superior audio performance and sleek designs, the A2+ and A5+ models are an ideal choice for music, movies, and gaming. With Black Friday deals just around the corner, seize this opportunity to acquire a pair and elevate your audio experience. Ensure you don’t miss out on this chance; mark your calendars for Black Friday!

Audioengine A2+ and A5+ Black Friday Sales:

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Audioengine A2+
Audioengine A5+

I sought speakers that blend with my decor yet remain functional, and that’s when I discovered the audio engine a2 plus wireless speakers. Candidly, I purchased these primarily for their appearance. Admittedly, I underestimated their utility due to my reliance on AirPods. Though occasionally used, I now wear them daily.

Audioengine A2+ Black Friday

With a sleek design and compact form, these speakers hold substantial power. The pristine white finish complements my setup impeccably. Although available in black or red, white stands as the optimal choice. Its boxy design, complete with curved corners, resonates with me, enhancing its appeal next to the monitor. I’ve also invested in audio engine’s small ds1 desktop stands, which elevate the speakers closer to my ears.

Sound Quality:

These speakers provide a studio-like auditory experience while minimizing vibrations on the desk, especially during high-volume music playback. Their dual functionality and appealing aesthetics make them a worthwhile purchase. The speakers measure 6×4 inches.

The left speaker weighs 3.6 pounds, and the right one weighs 3.2 pounds, a distinction I’ll clarify shortly. Boasting exceptional durability, they remain pristine even after 8 months of use. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 technology, these speakers establish connections with various devices.


Compatible with phones, tablets, and computers, Bluetooth 5.1 boasts an extended range and 30-millisecond latency, ensuring flawless video and audio synchronization. The auto-sleep mode, which disconnects the circuit when not in use, conserves power. This feature piqued my interest.

Ceasing music playback triggers this mode, saving energy. Furthermore, persistent usage is unproblematic. When initially powering down the speakers, follow these steps: connect mirror wires to each speaker, turn them on, and activate pairing mode on the left speaker.


The left speaker houses a built-in power amplifier, necessitating only a power source or battery for functionality. Contrastingly, the right speaker is passive, mandating external power connection. Consequently, a wired connection joins the two. The left speaker’s extra components contribute to its heavier weight. Personally, I occasionally struggle when switching sources.

audioengine a5+ black friday

Connected Devices:

My iPhone, Macbook, and custom PC are connected to the speakers. Thus, switching between sources can prove challenging. Often, the speakers refuse connection, prompting futile attempts at toggling the power switch and pair button for five minutes. This inconvenience perplexes me, as I assume I’m mishandling something. Otherwise, no issues arise.

Final Verdict:

While I initially pursued these speakers for their aesthetic appeal, their auditory performance is remarkable. Compact though they may be, these speakers deliver remarkable volume. Their combined effort produces a crisp, clear sound that effortlessly fills a room, ideal for listening during chores, bedtime, or workouts.

Although I lack audiophile expertise, these are the finest speakers I’ve encountered. The built-in DAC converts digital audio from a computer to analog form, substantially enhancing sound quality. While the audio is impressive, the absence of a subwoofer results in minimal bass.

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