ATN X Sight Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for ATN X Sight Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for ATN X Sight Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

ATN X Sight Black Friday Deals 2021

Atn x 4k pro the month had it out in all weathers day and night, so feel I can finally talk about it. I’ve used it enough in the field to have good experience with the pros and cons.

ATN X Sight black friday


This model is the three to 14 times ooh it’s also available in five to twenty times now the scope is completely digital all its electronics or the view through with during the day you’re not looking through the scope you’re looking at a screen inside the eyepiece the image is projected on it will record in 1080p at 120 frames because the display is only 1080. Still, the sensor is for care when you zoom in. It doesn’t immediately become pixel it would otherwise because you’re cropping the image that the sensor is getting to magnify, there’s no optical magnification on this score.


I can say it’s fully electronic day and night sight, so you know a colored image during the day. At night you flick it on a night vision mode or night mode. It then can see infrared and becomes an infrared digital night vision cool benefits of that, of course, are you were using the same reticle seemed zero same optics so you know you get used to returning the dsa scope during the day zero it and then when it comes tonight nothing is new there was nothing to get used to and anybody who’s ever used night vision will be aware that the view through a night-vision scope in the dark compared to the conventional school crew in the day is completely different.


A little bit of getting used to now and some of the features that the scope as it has a one-shot zero which works perfectly basically you have a crosshair you put that on the center of your target you fire to see your shot hits law and to the right, you then tell it you want a zero. You get a second cross it. You move the second crosshead down to the hall while keeping the first crosshair on your target click okay save it label 0 jobs done works perfectly it also as I said can record video high-quality video as well and take photographs day or night sd card goes in there it’ll take up to a 64-gigabyte micro sd.


The little back cover here these covers open and your charging cable goes in there to charge the battery now being a digital score, of course, it has a battery without the battery you could not even switch it on. Still, luckily the battery lasts about 18 to 20 hours, so I’ve read now I’ve never tried it for that long. Still, I haven’t used it all day the scopes switched on now while I’m talking I do not switch it off on a mild shooting because it does take a few seconds to ramble when you turn it on to you know to display the image you get across there and everything I leave it.


I’ve had two or three hunts in a rule out all day then all night whatever and never use the battery dead never so I am well going to go with the manufacturer and believe them when they say 18 hours or 20 hours or whatever it is they’re clear you will not run out of battery it’s just not going to remember to charge it every couple of days keep an eye on it you’ll find it has a zoom on the offside just a little turret here I don’t need to turn the rifle want to show you that you can see spins and that zooms are in and out.

The front is the focus you turn it now when I got this it’s a little bit stiff it does have a little there thought about sticky outfit their fee finger there push on, but I did find that a little bit stiff I was a little bit concerned about that that was taken quite a bit of force to turn. Still, it is loosening up over time I think it’s more just a product of it being well manufactured and well-engineered, so things are tight at first the rear rotates. Still, it does not zoom you in and out like a conventional scope it is just to set the focus to bring the reticle into focus to your eyes all zoom of the image is done with the side wheel on top of the school but has five buttons to turn it on/off take photographs to start the video and access all of the settings in the menu.

ATN X Sight black friday deals

Why pick ATN X Sight on Black Friday?

The menu is quite comprehensive but easy to navigate when I first read the instructions that came with the school. I was baffled; it seemed complicated, and to be honest; I started to worry, would you know is this something. I would want to use when I’m out hunting when I try and keep it simple as it turns out once you go into the menus everything simple there’s a quick option to click it’s a night mode to input data it’s all yet really simple to use one of the features I haven’t yet explored fully is the onboard ballistic calculator now you can import all of your ballistic data the way that the ammunition muzzle velocity ballistic coefficient.

The rifle then will, if you input the range to your target, will automatically adjust the endpoint, so they are. Dead-on all of the time now, I haven’t used that, yet there is an optional onboard laser that attaches to the school. Hence, you take the layers of the target and automatically adjusts to you that’s something I want to try that’s something that interests me a great deal to see if it will work with air guns because particularly at night I find that most misses are down to miss estimation of range so you will read the range wrong and then you will see a morph.

Final Verdict

You’ll to hold over, and your pellet will shoot over, so I find because that is probably why most misses happen I think across you know most shooters if you can eliminate that if this score can eliminate that, then your accuracy will increase if it increases your accuracy then it is worth doing so like I say that’s something I will think about exploring in the future this score is just what we hear from the plan to believe do I think it’s worth it absolutely if you think of it like this if you buy decent quality.

One subzero the ability to record era so when you start to think of it like that, obviously the mounts are included with this you’ve got a sunshade with it you’ve got an eyepiece with it pretty much everything you need is included packed with features suddenly. It doesn’t look so expensive anymore it’s fully waterproof I have used it in the rain, not a problem at all bill quality fantastic I have had a couple of issues with it freezing while I did early on but since I did the firmware update there has been no problem so it would seem that the firmware has rectified that issue it was quite frustrating at first when on the internet how could google and realized you know do the firmware fixing it so let’s have a look through the scope.

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