Asus VP249QGR Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Asus VP249QGR 144 Hz Black Friday Deals 2021

The actual gaming performance take a look at the stat sheet the asus vp 2 for 9 q gr is rocking a 23 point 8 inch 1080p 144 hertz ips panel with a 1 millisecond response time in precinct technology to dive a little deeper into some of those.


The 1 millisecond advertised response ratio is 1 millisecond mp rt and 4 milliseconds of gray to gray I’ll have an article link down in the description that describes the difference at the end of the day it is gonna be slower than a tm panel because it is ips but if you’re like me and your livelihood doesn’t depend on every last millisecond and you’re not a professional esport then there’s like no lag in this monitor at all and it’s perfectly fine one other thing to note is that the free sync range is perfect at 48 to 144 hertz and although it’s not g sync supported you can manually enable it yourself and boy is the experience awesome. Check out Dell SE2719H 27 LED Black Friday.

Asus VP249QGR Black Friday


I was playing some call of duty modern warfare and with this test system I was getting around 60 to 85 fps and it was actually looking a bit choppy with some screen tearing however whenever I enabled g sync it became an honestly incredible gaming experience it felt super smooth and enabling it didn’t add any extra lag or issues like some budget monitors do and one more thing from the spec sheet for those of you that are interested in doing color work this ips panel covers 99% of the srgb skill which is impressive.


One more topic before we get into the gaming performance we’ll get to that soon and I promise it’s worth the wait now it’s time for a quick physical tour starting with connectivity here you can see that there’s one hdmi port one displayport vga and then an audio out if you want to plug your headphones directly into it staying on the back of the monitor you can see that this is basic compatible if you want to use your own stand and honestly that would be a pretty good idea the stand is easily the worst part about this monitor but if you think about it that’s actually a good thing because I would rather my money go towards a good panel and not the stand.

Asus VP249QGR Black Friday deals

Why pick Asus VP249QGR on Black Friday?

This thing is pretty terrible first off its super flimsy as you can see here even when pressing the underneath buttons which by the way I wish they would have used a joystick like the msi monitor reviewed a few weeks ago by pressing these buttons you actually caused the stand to wobble a bit which obviously isn’t fun this day and also only supports a tilt movement the no height adjustments swivel or pivoting options moving away from the stand these are my favorite tiny bezels on the top and sides and then the classic chin that almost every monitor has these days with some subtle asus branding over all the physical tour is about average of what you should expect with this budget of a gaming monitor.

Final Verdict

This 700 hour gaming pc as I recently did a dedicated video on it the first thing that I noticed about this monitor was how refreshing it was to game on a smaller twenty three point eight inch display I’ve been using nothing but 27-inch monitors for several years now.

I forgot about the competitive advantage of a smaller monitor this is also certainly personal preference but the fact is you don’t have to look at as much screen real estate with games like first-person shooters especially you can just see everything that you need to without having to move your head so much and that’s a pretty decent competitive advantage I also definitely need to talk about these viewing angles now this is an ips display so we know they’re gonna be great but honestly looking at this monitor felt kind of weird but in a good way just looking at this monitor.

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