ASUS Vivobook 15 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for ASUS Vivobook 15 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for ASUS Vivobook 15 cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

ASUS Vivobook 15 Black Friday Deals 2021

Today were gonna have our first review on a laptop and so without wasting any time, let’s begin. If you are looking for a decent laptop under Rs 40,000 in the market, chances of you to come across options powered by Intel Core i3 processors or maybe i5 8250u (if you get lucky)are high. So we’ll see if the ryzen powered Asus makes up ground in the market dominated by Intel chips for quite a long time, especially the budget segment. the model we tested comes with the ryzen 5 2500u which comes combined with a vega 8 integrated graphics on board. Acer Predator 300 Black Friday Deals.

ASUS Vivobook 15 Black Friday

It also comes with a 1tb hdd at 5400rpm.The cpu is a quad core multithreaded one which gives it 8 logical cores, so practically its an octa-core cpu. It carries the genes of Zen 2 architecture of AMD and comes with some pretty flashy features like the radeon free sync, sense MI and even dx12 supported which are good and useful if the need arises. With a base clock of 2ghz, well Ive seen it usually clock around 1.5 when idle or under little load and a boost clock of 3.6ghz it’s good with the numbers. Lil boy maxes at around 95 degrees Celcius which is rare, thanks to optimal cooling the laptop provides.



It also supports up to 2400mhz of ddr4 memory I’ve run a free benchmarking software from user benchmark and you can see the numbers for the hardware is pretty impressive, considering its price point.Its closest intel counterpart is the core i5 8250u, which is slightly better than the ryzen in terms of core computing power but hold on folks,you can barely feel the difference in real life stuff. Where the ryzen really knocks intel out of the water is in the gpu department as you can see here. The vega 8 has 8 computing cores, clocked at 1100mhz which translates into a performance intels uhd 620 can NOT catch up.This GPU can even handle AAA gaming titles at 720p low settings and it’s rightly called the beast of 720p gaming.

Here you can see it running battlefield 5 at 720p low settings with reasonabe cpu usage and moderate temperatures (even with recording). the game is playable at all times and without recording the game usually stays around 30fps mark which, according to many is the minimum fps for playability. But for me everything above 24fps is ok for the fact that most of the movies or any commercial video that you see is recorded at 24fps. If you want a full walkthrough of battlefield 5 on this ryzen 5 2500u ,mention it down the comments. That encourages us producers to make more content for you. okay now lets talk about the heat management of this laptop.


This cpu with its igpu is rated for 15w usage with upto 25w if throttled. this low tdp is what makes me think its better than even the i5 +mx150 combo found in laptops usually 6-7k more expensive. okay dont rain down upon me with your hatred. lemme tell you the reason why we think so. The i5 has a tdp of 15w and the mx150 has an additional 25w comsumption making out a total 40w, more than double that of the ryzen that too for a very little increase in graphics performance. laptops in this price range have mediocre cooling solutions and more wattage means more heat to dissipate under load which doesn’t mean a good thing for that combo.

Some may think that the 1gb on board graphic memory isn’t adequate enough but mind you the game is running on that 1gb memory itself without any major issue. But for those who think that 1gb is not adequate then do consider the fact that the igpu uses shared memory from the ram and allots 1/8th of the ram for graphics memory. So if you buy a 8gb model and add another 8gb 2400mhz stick to it that makes for 16gb ram and hence it allots 2gb of graphics memory to the gpu, simple maths!!, which still stays cheaper than the i5 and mx150 combo. lemme remind you this vega 8 gpu is at par, if not better, than the mx 130 which is also a dedicated gpu unit.


So the vega gpu holds its stance good with head held high.However the cpu heats up above 75 during rendering jobs I donno why. lets come to battlefield 4 now and here also you can see it comfortably handling it at well playable fps at medium to high settings(default).Now theres a thing bout ryzen cpus is that they have a slight performance boost in dual channel memory configuration. the system we are testing is actually a 4gb model with an additional 4gb stick making it dual channel 2400mhz configuration. moreover we added a wd green 120gb m.2 ssd for fast bootup and shutdowns and we only have our premier pro and after effects installed on ssd. Rest are in the spinning drive.

ASUS Vivobook 15 cyber monday

The m.2 slot is a boon at this price range and even after adding the ssd ,which I’ll give a link to in the description below, it came cheaper than equally performing intel counterpart.In non gaming scenarios as well, the lappy felt snappy while working on premier pro with after effects and chrome open in the background with 5 to 6 tabs opened. Really man I’m in love with AMD right now. please don’t disappoint us anytime in future. anyway lets move on.

Why pick ASUS Vivobook 15 on Black Friday?

Let us come to the second most important aspect of any laptop, the display.It is pretty average in quality at this price range. the panel is a 1080p 15.6 inch TN display at 60hz. Viewing angles are good for a single user but not when a bunch of people are at your lappy staring at it. Getting a FHD panel at this budget is impressive as well. What strikes us most at the first sight are the extremely narrow bezels and the anti glare coating which acts as a boon. Here,s a long exposure shot of a black screen showing up the light leaks from the panel. Asus has cut some corners here to keep the prices low.

When viewing from front the colours are good with 45% NTSC colour gamut coverage and the audio is impressive as well as you can hear…… audio is pumped out from sonicmaster tuned twin 2.5w downfiring speakers at the bottom which is accompanied with 4 antiskid rubber pads and also the inlet for cooling. On the portside we have the power port, rj45 ethernet port, a full sized hdmi port, usb 3.0 port and even a type c port while to the right we have the multimode card reader, 3.5mm audio jack, a pair of usb 2.0 ports and a kensington lock. To the rear we have a neatly finished exhaust vent which gives a nice aesthetic feel to the laptop which itself sports a solid build quality, albeit a little screen flex on the power side it comes with a 45w fast charging adapter which pumps power to a 2 cell 45 watthour battery which itself is capable of providing enough juice to laptop for 3-4 hours of multimedia usage and around 1 to 1.5 hour of gaming or heavy workload. battery can be optimised using asus’ own battery management app pre installed in it.

Final Verdict

The charger itself is quite compact which feels quite good to have in a world full of brickish adapters.okay.It can fully juice up the laptop within around 2 hours. the keyboard is a standard non lit chiclet keyboard made from rough plastic with 1.3mm key travel which isnt that great in typing, let alone gaming.There’s also some key flex at the region near F key(okay no pun intended) and at nowhere else. It’s okay..okayish.Saving grace is the neat and big trackpad which supports windows precision drivers and all the associated gestures SO at around 37k for the 8gb model available online, is it a good buy. I’d say yes considering the extremely well build quality of the laptop with its premium-looking faux brushed aluminum lid despite made out of plastic. The same goes for the palm rest.

Weighing in at around 1.68kilos, it won’t break your back and your lap as well. A sub-par display quality with narrow bezels and not so good battery backup with extremely good performance , audio volume and portability makes it a perfect college goer’s laptop and it can handle all engineering softwares quite well. I’d recommend in the end to upgrade to a dual channel memory and have a basic m.2 ssd to make the perfect combo of value to performance.. as they say “perfectly balanced as everything should be” 😉 So guys,if you liked it please pen down a review of my review down in the comments. I’ll be uploading some gameplays on this lappy soon..babye, have a nice day

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