ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Product Processor RAM Storage Check Price
Intel M3-8100Y 4GB (DDR3) 64GB eMMC
Intel M3-8100Y 8GB (DDR3) 64GB eMMC
Intel M3-8100Y 4GB (LPDDR3) 32GB eMMC

ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 Black Friday Deals 2021

I’ve been having a hard time finding those nitpicks it’s a great device and it does a lot of things really well is it perfect not quite. let’s talk about it but before we get into this review this video is brought to you by my supply company and if you’re anything like me shopping is not up. there on your list of things you enjoy doing luckily, there is form a supply company and they will drop a new supply of t-shirts on your front porch.

Whether it be monthly bi-monthly or quarterly you choose the frequency you just give them a little bit about your style preferences and they’ll hook you up all you got to do to get started is go to Chrome on forward-slash forma to get 25% off your first supply. today so let’s get started talking about what makes this such a great Chromebook. Check out ASUS TUF FX505DT deals.

asus c434 black friday

We’ll start with build quality like we always do, and Asus has done a fantastic job here. You got these nice chamfered edges all around the outside of the body and around the trackpad. You’ve got these nice chromed out hinges, but you’ve got this aluminum that feels nice and sturdy more than anything else. It does not pick up fingerprints basically at all. I’ll just wipe it off for the first time on the outer part of it before we did this review and didn’t have to clean it up too much, but it just looks great on a desk.

It feels great in your hand because of the narrow bezels. the entire body has been brought down for what a normal 14-inch device would look like down to more closely resembling a 13-inch Chromebook. It’s light at just three pounds and only 15 16 millimeters in thickness. I mean, it just is super portable. It’s super well put together.



It just feels premium on every front, and Asus killed it with the build quality. so let’s talk about that screen the screen itself isn’t that amazing it’s a great screen it’s about 300 nits of brightness it’s got nice punchy colors great wide viewing angles 14 inches diagonal 16 by 9. so it’s not doing anything out of the ordinary it’s Full HD so 1920 by 1080 those things are pretty stock and you know kind of becoming normalized across Chrome OS in the last.

I don’t know six months or so we’ve seen a lot of devices with perfect 14 inch full HD displays it’s not really the display panel itself that really is doing a lot of justice for this device it’s the small bezels they put around it and because of those tiny little bezels when you open this thing up on the desk. there’s just something that draw your eyes to it and I know bezels don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things it’s not like it makes it more productive or anything it just makes it nicer to look at and because of those small bezels just like I said in the build section before this it’s smaller it literally is physically a smaller device than most 14-inch devices and so it just feels great.


It looks great and normally I wouldn’t talk about bezels being that big of a deal on the device but they changed how you perceive this one and so the entire thing feels smaller and lighter because of it and it’s more attractive. it makes you just want to use it more moving down from that screen and getting into the keyboard and trackpad bits this is probably the one of the only areas. I really have anything bad to say about this device and it’s not even that bad it’s just kind of mediocre the keyboard feels great there’s plenty of travel on the keys they’re backlit and they’re kind of silvery grey in color now I’ve had some questions asking. if they’re aluminum they are not aluminum keys they’re plastic. Still, the overall feel of them the travel is excellent I wish for a little bit more click in it but overall, after using it for about a day, I got used to it and typed fast on this.

It was comfortable, and I enjoyed the typing experience in general, the trackpad is mediocre at best it picks up oils a little bit, and it just doesn’t feel as substantial as the rest of the device. I really feel like they should have put a nice glass trackpad to go with the rest of this device; they did not do that; it is plastic. Still, it’s serviceable; it’s good the click mechanism feels good it just kind of feels a little thin and just not quite up to par with the rest of this device on around the side of this device. the port selection is becoming pretty common here we got a USB type-c on both sides and those can be used for charging. they can be used for audio and video output whatever you want to use your SBC for if you want to dock that all that kind of stuff but it also has a USB type a and a headphone microphone jack on the left side which came in really really handy for us.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 Black Friday


We were trying to record some audio we had a MacBook we had a pixel slate and we were running into issues with dongles and all this kind of stuff and we brought the C 434 in removed all the dongles plugged everything directly into what needed to be plugged into and everything just worked the way. it was supposed to, so it was an efficient example of a standard USB type and a headphone microphone. Jack still has a place even in thin and light additionally on the right hand side of the device we get an SD card slot and in some of the higher-end models like the pixel book and pixels light. you don’t get that either and so it’s nice to have that along with all these other ports to expand your storage if you’d like to it comes with 64 gigs of internal storage but a lot of people want to store movies and all that kind of stuff locally this gives you the option to do that and underneath you get some pretty good speakers. here a soos actually talked about these speakers on the website on the landing page for this particular Chromebook and rightly so they sound really good; they’re not quite as good as what the pixel slate does.

Why pick ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 on Black Friday?

It kind of set the bar really high for thin and light devices having great speakers but this comes in at a close second. I really enjoyed watching a few shows and lots of YouTube videos and stuff on this device because those speakers are really nice to listen to. Finally, let’s talk about internals cuz all the outer pieces can be great. If the internals are slow or laggy they can ruin the entire experience it doesn’t matter how good your screen or aluminum are thankfully that’s just not the case with the c-4 34 while the internals aren’t perfect.

They’re very very good so let’s start with the core m3 that is the processor here 8th gen 30,000 on octane the thing just gets along well for reference the core i5 pixel book. I work from all the time it gets about 27,000 on octane so if you’re looking at synthetic benchmarks it gets along really well but I can just tell you from day to day use hooking it up to my external monitor and writing articles and doing all sorts of stuff on this device no issues whatsoever with performance Ram, however, could be a little bit of an issue and will come right back to that it’s paired up with 64 gigs of internal storage that again can be expanded via the SD card slot.

Final Verdict

So that’s not that big of a deal either I’d love to see 128 gigs for what it’s worth. Still, the RAM could be a sticking point for some people and probably could be a reason that some people would choose not to buy it and I get it if you’re a person that has 30 40 tabs open all the time it’s really annoying to see those tabs refresh. when you go back to revisit them for me that only happened time but I’m usually between 12 and 15 tabs and a handful of other applications open. Maybe I’m not the best use case there and your mileage may vary, and ACS has said that will see a gig version of this device down the road we just don’t know when so right now this is the version. you can buy, and if you’re looking at this Chromebook and thinking whether or not it’s for you, remember four gigs of ram is all you get right now, and if that hasn’t worked for you in the past, it’s probably not going to work for you right.

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