Astro A40 & A50 Amazon Prime Day Deals ~ June 2021 Sales

Are you looking for Astro A50 Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Astro A40 & Astro A50 headset new sales and discounts.

Astro A40 Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021

You’ve got the new color scheme you can see to flip it around and choose the box contents. Traditionally, they always have on the mod kit in the box, so taking our trusty box cutter, I’m going to open it up boom. We’ve got to be stopped attention zone information, and we’ve got some warranty info; you’ve also got safety information.

astro a40 amazon prime day

We’ve got some Astro stickers, pretty nice stuff right here, and we’ve got the Quick Start Guide which usually folds up to be something slightly massive as you’d expect.


I’m going to peel this offset that aside for a second, the one stickers everywhere. Of course, everything is customizable, which means you can take off the faceplate as you’d expect swap. It becomes a free space you want, but you can stick with the anniversary edition. We can replace the faceplate here again. You can see right there says X edition inside, which is pretty nice.


The anniversary edition feels comfortable feels like an Astra headset. They’ve done that for years, I’m sure it’s it, you know, the headsets are light out there, but I do like the feel. I also like the look; I want some of the extra decals. They put into this especially just showing that, yes, this is an anniversary edition, and the microphone improvements it’s solid. I like that this is something you can plug into your PC.

You can find something you can plug into your Xbox one, your ps4, and you’re good to go. They have stepped up the mic again for me. Microphone quality plays a lot whenever you’re using gaming headsets, and the audio quality is still great.

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