Astrill VPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Astrill VPN Black Friday deals 2021? Here is the best Astrill black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, sales, and discount.

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I’m about to give you a review of Astrill and why you shouldn’t use them. As far as VPN’s go, Astrill has made a name for itself — at least here in China — as a popular go-to option for many people. So naturally, I was quite interested to test out their service for 2 months and compare it with the competition. On their website, Astrill boasts military-grade encryption, over 150 servers across the globe, good customer service, a 7-day trial period, and servers that allow P2P downloading.

Astrill VPN Black Friday Deals 2021

To their credit, I believe they do offer great security, and installing and using their software was quite simple and user-friendly. You can’t fault them for that. Unfortunately, in my experience their customer support was horrific and I ended up paying for my 7-day trial period despite repeated efforts to cancel. So a word of caution: free isn’t free with Astrill. As I’ve been communicating with multiple VPN companies these past couple of months, Astrill is the only one that has bad-mouthed their competition and for some reason tried to convince me that the reviews they post on their website are unbiased.

Astrill VPN Black Friday sale


I know this isn’t true because the review they asked of me was never posted or responded to in any way by the company. The bottom line is this: as a VPN, Astrill does what it claims to do. It works on pretty much any platform you’d want to use and they accept almost any payment you can think of, including Bitcoin. I cannot personally recommend them, however, because based on my experience I know that when something goes wrong — and trust me when I say that something always goes wrong with VPNs — you will be sorry that you chose Astrill.

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So there you have it, if that doesn’t convince you and you’re determined to sign up for the Astrill service, I’m going to be so bold as to ask you to use the link below to do so. You can’t blame a guy for trying, right? If you need more options please check out my other VPN reviews.

Astrill VPN Cyber Monday

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