Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday Deals 2021

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Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday Deals 2021

I’ve had the razer black widow tournament edition for a long time and it’s showing signs of wear. I thought it was a good time to switch to a different form factor and experiment with the smaller ones that have recently become popular among gamers and minimalists. At 3 300 pesos, the and pro 2 is a 60 keyboard aimed at minimalist setups as a budget mechanical keyboard. It has a lot of features that make it a great choice. Inside the box, this one comes in reasonably good packaging.

anne pro 2 black friday

You will receive a keyboard keycap remover instruction manual as well as a red USBC to USB A cable. Aside from a few custom coloured caps, I’m not a fan of the cable colour. I wish this was either black or white for keyboards because I believe this is one of the most important aspects because you will most likely interact with this device on a regular basis. As a result, it’s critical that it’s built to last. This device has a width of 29 centimetres and a height of 10 centimetres, with a thickness of two centimetres at the front and three centimetres at the back and a 10-degree elevation.

RGB Lights

It does not have adjustable feet, so you are limited to one orientation. It’s made of tough plastic and has a nice weight to it. My variant had brown gateron switches. You can select between gate rods and cherries, and it comes with dbt keycaps. The keycaps themselves come with a function key indicator, which is extremely useful. The RGB lights also shine through quite nicely, showing the keys.

Dark Mode

When using it in the dark, some keys are not as well lit as others, but this could be due to my unit, as the overall design is really nice. Because this is highly customizable, it is simple to match with the majority of setups. I chose the black variant and purchased additional white keycaps for further customization. Plus points for the included keycap remover, which is not your typical plastic-type remover. In case you didn’t know, there are several keyboard form factors. There’s the full size with all the keys and number pad, the 10 keyless which is 80 75 percent, and all the way down to 60.

Gaming Performance

There are a few reasons you’d want to go with this form factor, and let me highlight a few of them. I believe that this is the most common reason that most minimalist setups will opt for a smaller keyboard coupled with a custom cable that really stands out as the centrepiece of your setup gaming flexibility. A smaller keyboard will give you more space for your mouse to glide across, as well as the ability to position your keyboard closer to the centre of your gaming space, making it more comfortable to game with a full-size keyboard.

anne pro 2 cyber monday

It forces you to move your mouse to the right or your keyboard to the left, in both cases. It’s awkward to play games with a keyboard and mouse, which is why pro gamers prefer 10 keyless variants over full-size keyboards, as the number pad isn’t really used in most games anyway, and portability is an advantage of a small keyboard. This model can fit in a variety of bags, making it extremely convenient to transport.

Wireless Connection

You can go Bluetooth and avoid carrying a cable, which is very convenient and adds more flexibility. a few things to think about before switching to a smaller form factor The number one advantage of a 60-key keyboard is that it has fewer keys.

You lose access to the arrow keys, function keys, and number pad. This keyboard, on the other hand, has the nice feature of using the right shift function control and this button as arrow keys. I didn’t really misplace the arrow keys.

For Office Work

I was always used to having a full-sized keyboard, which allowed me to easily use certain keyboard shortcuts for work, specifically Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, but this is a personal preference. It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not used to using these function keys. This is not to say that the function keys are no longer available on this keyboard. It is simply accessed in a different manner by holding and pressing the function key.


I’m still getting used to the function keys just to be able to use shortcuts, and I’m used to dedicated macro keys in the past. It’s always useful to have dedicated macro keys. I used to have a lot of these on my previous keyboard, and they were very useful.

You won’t get that with a 60-keyboard; sure, macro keys will be present, but they won’t be dedicated keys. As a workaround, you can purchase a stream deck designed specifically for that function or download the app version of stream deck. This application is known as oben skip.

Keyboard Layouts

You can set it up by following the keyword code in the manual. The layout of the application is quite detailed. Actually, it’s a little overwhelming, but to summarise, you have the general tab, which contains all of your usual information. the layout tab, which enables you to load various keyboard layouts. The lighting tab is fairly self-explanatory, as are the macro keys and music reaction.

Final Words

I won’t go into detail on all of the tabs, but I will focus on some that, in my opinion, will be used the most. The default macro tab already has a lot of useful shortcuts, but there are a lot of options for adding more. You get four additional keyboard layouts designed specifically for macros.

You can even save this offline and store it in the onboard memory for use with Bluetooth. When it comes to Bluetooth, this one has four profiles that you can assign to four different devices. This is extremely useful for when you decide to bring this along with you to travel with on the rgb lights because you have several light profiles with various lighting layouts.

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