Anker Nebula Mars II Pro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Get ready for an amazing Black Friday deal! Anker’s Nebula Mars II Pro, the top-rated portable projector, is set to be at a record low price. With its exceptional display quality, immersive audio, and easy setup, transform your home into a movie theater like never before.

About Anker Nebula Mars II Pro:

The Anker Nebula Mars II Pro projector is an excellent choice for outdoor movie nights or remote locations. It boasts a compact size, easily fitting beneath a six-pack of soda, with a battery life of up to three and a half hours for extended projections. Furthermore, its built-in streaming capabilities eliminate the need for additional devices. Portable projectors serve travelers and presenters. During Black Friday, various fantastic deals on portable projectors like.

nebula mars 2 pro black friday


The Anker Nebula Mars 2 Pro is a highly portable projector, small enough to effortlessly fit inside any backpack, leaving ample room for essentials such as a water bottle, hoodie, or camera. Its carrying strap features a soft faux-leather material. The top of the projector houses buttons for basic functions, although zoom and focus controls are unnecessary due to automatic focus. Additionally, an integrated slide-open lens cap serves as the power switch for the projector.


The Mars II Pro is a compact, rectangular projector, approximately the size of a paperback book with a slight increase in thickness. Its top surface boasts a glossy black finish adorned with a silver Nebular logo at the center. On the bottom, a curved, rubbery surface provides stability on flat surfaces. All physical controls are conveniently located along the top edge of the projector.


The Mars II Pro offers a standard set of connections, including HDMI, Mini USB, and a 3.5mm audio jack on the back. It also features a Micro SD card slot and a USB Type-A port. The USB Type-A port serves dual purposes, as it can power the projector and play media files directly from a USB drive.

Final Words:

The Nebula Mars 2 Pro represents a compelling investment for individuals seeking an affordable yet high-quality mini projector. Its exceptional brightness, resolution, and image quality, combined with its Bluetooth sound system functionality, make it a versatile choice for various entertainment needs.

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