Fire TV Cube Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Are you looking for FireTV Cube 2 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for FireTV Cube 2 Cyber Monday and Prime Day’s new sales and discounts.

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FireTV Cube 2 Black Friday Deals 2021

The amazon fire cube tv, the second generation of the fire cube tv, is slated as the most powerful device you can get within the fire tv family. You’re going to be able to watch 4k ultra HD content; it also supports hdr plus.

Amazon FireTV Cube Black Friday


The appeal of the fire cube tv it’s going to allow you to control most of your devices hands-free, so any soundbars ottery receivers set-top boxes like cable boxes or DVRs, even DVD players or Blu-ray players, and you can also switch to different inputs hands-free it’s almost like a universal remote.

WiFi Speed

If you don’t have a good wi-fi signal, you can get better speeds if you do have trouble in your home with wi-fi coverage. I’ll put a link up above so you can head to a review that I did on a device that will allow you to increase your speeds relatively quickly. I think you should check it out now on the fire cube itself; on the top of it, you have eight mics and then the physical buttons to lower and raise the volume of Alexa and mute the mics and also an action button.

MicroUSB Port

The fire cube is all encased in a high gloss plastic finish; it is a fingerprint magnet, and it does get very dusty very quickly, and you get one single speaker on the bottom of the device. On the back, you have a MicroUSB port used for that ethernet adapter; also, to plug in any external storage an infrared port HDMI input, take note you do not get an HDMI cable. Of course, the power, so the full specs. The primary difference in hardware from the previous generation is better performance all-around with a faster CPU and GPU.


The second generation now supports Dolby vision and hdr 10 plus in addition to that, many of the commands you ask Alexa have been programmed locally, so instead of reaching out to the amazon services to calculate a response. It’s done right within the cube, so now Alexa can execute your commands even faster. Now the design is exactly like the previous generation. There’s no difference whatsoever, and you would never be able to tell the difference by looking at them side by side kind of wish they had some other options or colors or designs in the famous words of mkbhd matte black everything.


I think that would be pretty cool because this is a dust and fingerprint magnet. On the remote, you have a power button, a voice button that you can actually hold down and then speak commands directly into the remote you have the directional pad up-down left-right, and on the center, that is the enter button. You have a back button, and the home settings reverse pause play fast-forward volume up volume down and then mute, so the setup and install were elementary, at least for me.

Amazon FireTV Cube 2 Black Friday Deals

Why pick Amazon FireTV Cube 2 on Black Friday?

I have a soundbar, of course, a tv PlayStation; it’s on a switch and a DVD player, so it’s going to depend on how many devices you have, and that’s going to affect your setup process. So once again, everything connected and powered on will walk you through everything step by step, so you will need to use an Amazon account. If you don’t have one, you need to create one and then obviously connect to your internet either be wi-fi or use that ethernet adapter to use a wired connection.


The main thing you have to worry about is setting it in a position where it cannot be obstructed or blocked by anything. Keep it in the front of your devices and facing where you’re going to be sitting while you’re watching tv. You’re not familiar with the fire os and their UI. It’s pretty straightforward and effortless to you; there’s not much to it. You can scroll down and view all types of movies and shows, or even some free content on you can access many different things on this homepage.

Final Verdict

Amazon is throwing a lot of their content up at you first because they want you to try to use their content and services before using any other ones. Since this is built on the Android OS, you’re going to be able to install many different types of apps and even sideload some apps; you cannot have to do that at your own risk. Because amazon won’t support it if anything happens once you get some streaming services set up, you can fully control a fire cube using your voice and tune into your favorite shows. For instance, watch stranger things. You can even tune in the right to your favorite channel tune.

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