Fire HD 10 Tablet Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Fire HD 10 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Fire HD 10 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Fire HD 10 Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021

The fastest amazon tablet they’ve ever come out with it’s newer so it should have all the best cool things right well maybe not everything is quite as rosy as I thought it would be.

Fire HD 10 Tablet black friday


The most part it’s pretty good let’s talk a little bit about the specs on this thing, first of all, it’s a 10.1-inch display 1080p 32 gigs of storage on the low end and 2 gigs of ram now that doesn’t sound impressive and it’s not it’s not really impressive at all however for amazon this is kind of one of those things where the specs don’t necessarily matter what’s important are the things that this thing can do and as a media consumption device this thing is actually really good it goes for 150 normally you’re gonna want to use either a bluetooth headphone with a headphone jack that is still on this tablet it uses micro usb.

The first time ever on an amazon tablet to charge but I haven’t been able to find anything to work with that just the the charging portion although you can charge it faster comes with a 9 watt charger but you can charge it with maybe your your smartphone an adapter to even get a little bit more faster charge out of it but you might not need it that often because this thing says it’ll get 12 hours of mix to use now the funny thing about that is is for 12 hours mixed use what does that mean as I mean mostly web searching does that mean using apps does that mean watching videos they don’t really say essentially you should expect about 10 hours.


32 gigs and 64 gigs on the high end is not very much it does have a micro-sd card slot for expandable amenable memory all the way up to 5 and 12 gigs so that should keep you pretty good and it’s one of the tablets where they talk about how durable it is they’ve shown in many commercials they drop this thing and it seems to hold on it seems to hold together pretty well it’s very listen I’ve never been able to scratch the screen on any of these kindles and I had kindles all the way back in the original kindle fire these things are really tough now this is touted as being 30 faster than the kindle 10 from a couple years ago and maybe that’s true that has an octa-core now which is eight processors more than likely four.

How most octa-core is work anyway but here’s the thing the operating system while being the newest updated version of fire os sitting on top of android I think 9.0 it doesn’t really seem any faster and as a matter of fact there’s times when it just plain seems slower let me show you something here as you go through using the actual operating system itself it seems about the same speed as a previous one however if you open up a browser window and then close it you’ll notice that the older version actually is faster that I don’t get that what is that all about having said that pinch-to-zoom is a little bit snappier on the newer processor than newer hd 10.


The pinch of zoom is better but if you close an after that’s taking longer didn’t what I mean what else what’s going on now one of the biggest weaknesses of amazon to kindle tablets is the fact that the app store is not exactly the best there are a lot of your major apps on there but you might use a couple apps here and there that are not on the app store fortunately for you there is a way to sideload the google play app and in which case once you do that this becomes an android tablet for long there’s tons of videos on youtube.

Fire HD 10 Tablet black friday deals

Why pick Fire HD 10 on Black Friday?

I don’t want to say that name out loud cuz some of you actually have echoes in your house and if I say it it’s gonna trigger them so we’ll just call it allegra it has a leg weir built-in which means without saying anything without touching you can just have it sit up plug it into power and now you have an echo show and I’ve always liked the echo show I have multiple in my house because that additional functionality of seeing things on screen to me really brings the value of this thing up quite a bit and really any of the echos being able to visualize maybe a traffic or a recipe or something like that.

I want to watch netflix or youtube or something I would have this like in a bag or at my desk or something where I could just watch it and for that it’s great the screen is big you can use bluetooth headphones everything is great about taking in video content and really enjoying it on this screen and also for someone’s first tablet maybe a kid or maybe an older relative or something like that that is not expensive they get you exactly what you need if you love amazon you have instant access to all of their features and all their cool stuff constantly trying to sell you stuff I would say it’s a good pickup for one of those.

Final Verdict

The tablet for you this is a low-end tablet from amazon integrated with amazon with some really cool features but not something that’s going to be your absolutely number-one hardcore tech person tablet but as a gift for someone else it could be great especially if someone has never had a tablet before I think they’ll really dig it super easy to use and most people have an amazon account and you can hook it right up if you have amazon music like I do it’s great if you have amazon prime even better you get your videos on here you can order stuff it’s pretty darn amazing so I’m giving that two thumbs up great job amazon.

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