Eero Mesh & Eero Pro 6 Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Eero Mesh Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Eero Pro 6 Cyber Monday and Prime Day’s new sales and discounts.

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Eero Mesh Black Friday Deals 2021

I will be going over some pros and cons, its design, features set, the installation process, the mobile app experience before answering a few questions and telling who I think this system is made for. Grab a sale on TP-Link Deco M5 Black Friday.

Amazon Eero Mesh Black Friday

Amazon Eero Mesh

There I’ll have comprehensive written reviews, along with more information on other types of security like VPN’s and password managers to get you set up in your home. Once again, this can all be found at security Let’s kick off today’s review of the Amazon eero mesh WiFi system. Looking at some pros and cons, beginning with the pros.


The coverage, we were impressed by just the Amazon eero Pro alone, which can give you 1,750 square feet of coverage. If you want to add to that, you can add an Amazon eero Beacon to get an extra 1,000 square feet. Just depending on how your house is, of course, constructed in terms of the walls, you’re going to be impressed by the WiFi coverage. We were. When it comes to setting it up, it was elementary.


We had the entire process set up within 10 minutes using the USB-C power adapter. I have that plugged in, use the mobile application, and you can essentially be walked through the entire process after you put your Ethernet cord into the back of this and directly into your modem. For us, it’s a Verizon Fios modem, place it into the back, and that was it.

When we wanted to add devices, it was effortless. We took our Amazon Beacon, plugged it directly into an outlet using the plug on the back, and that was it. All done within 10 minutes. Now, the final element we want to talk about is the intuitive mobile application experience. There you can set up various profiles for your friends and family. You can pause the Internet activity, which means you can prevent them from being on the Internet at all.


You can decide what they’re accessing, so you can prevent them from using different websites for inappropriate or explicit content. You can even run speed tests and see what devices are being used on your network at any given time. All that is a straightforward process. Now, when it comes cons of the Amazon eero WiFi system, I will point to the lack of Ethernet ports. Now, on the Amazon eero Pro, you have, of course, an Ethernet pro that’s going to go directly to your modem, and then you have one other Ethernet port.

Amazon Eero Mesh Black Friday Deals

Why pick Amazon Eero Mesh on Black Friday?

You have zero Ethernet ports on the Amazon eero Beacon, and you’d like to see those to connect other devices. You have your reset button and then two Ethernet ports. One, of course, will go directly into your modem in your router, so wherever that is located, you’ll be able to place this directly below it.

It has a couple of bumpers to be placed down rather nicely. The all-white aesthetic means that it’s going to be pretty inconspicuous. We’re used to many devices in our home, and this is not going to jump out more than anything else. I honestly think that’s the same with the Amazon eero Beacon, which has a different design.

Eero Mesh Pro 6

They give you a standard router as part of your package, nothing fancy, but supposed to do the job, just prolonged speeds. If I got anywhere, even somewhat far, even though it was supposed to be a 5GHz network. I tried a Netgear range extender because I figured that would be the least expensive option to sort of boost the network speed in parts of my house where I had dead spots. I ordered three eero Pro 6 in this particular bundle, but I know that there are other configurations, and I’m going to show you the speeds that I was getting in my bedroom, which was the worst spot.

amazon eero pro 6 black friday


So I’ll show that first, and I also want to show you what I’m getting now. That’s where one of the eero Pros is, and then I have the second eero Pro in the living room, which is on the same floor but the other side of the house, and finally, I have the third eero Pro in the bedroom, which was the dead spot, which is on the second floor directly above the living room. So, that’s the layout.


Each of this eero pro 6s — I think this system is supposed to cover up to 6,000 square feet, so it’s a bit of overkill for my exact arrangement, but, as I said, I just was sick of having no internet. I wanted to future-proof it to a certain extent, which is why I bought the 6, which is a newer wi-fi, you know spectrum, I guess.

Home Wifi System

So, I’m also going to show what I’m getting now in my bedroom on the wi-fi with the eero Pro 6s. And the other thing that I want to mention is that I like the pros, as opposed to one Pro and then having beacons that are wi-fi only each of the pros have two ethernet ports on the back, so for virtual devices.

eero pro 6 cyber monday

I’m able to hardwire from that wi-fi device into the device that I want to be stable. So, for example, in the living room, I have an Xbox, which was a big problem in terms of gameplay and, you know, installs being slow. So what I did was I put the eero Pro 6 in the living room, and then I connected that eero Pro 6 to the Xbox with an ethernet cable, and it’s made an immediate difference.

Final Words

The downloads I’m getting like consistently over 100 megabits per second download on the Xbox, whereas I was getting like maybe 30 before, and it would dip down to nothing and then go back up. It was just very inconsistent. And then the gameplay, I haven’t had any packet loss and things like that. So it’s just immediately been a lot better.

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