Echo Dot 3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Echo Dot 3 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Echo Dot 3 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Echo Dot 3 Black Friday Deals 2021

The third generation of the amazon echo dot and honestly things actually have come a very long way compared to the second generation echo dot or even the first generation echo dot things are clearly visually different and inside things are very different.

Amazon Echo Dot 3 Black Friday


Raise your IQ well not technically your IQ your speaker’s IQ cuz you know smart speakers there are speakers that are smart never mind the first thing we got to talk about with the new echo dot is clearly the most noticeable difference the new echo dot design the new echo dot no longer looks like just a shiny piece of plastic or a hockey puck realistically we now get a rounded design with a new fabric finish that goes around the speaker itself to design changes that totally change the look and feel of this device in your home.

It comes to color to match these things to whatever room or room furnishings you’re dealing with at the time of making this video you actually have four different colors you could choose from you have charcoal heather gray plum or sandstone which is basically amazon’s fancy way of saying black gray light purple or white all four colors which looks pretty darn nice my opinion I like the colors of them so you’ve got options a bunch of different color options to pick and choose and match these things to whatever place you want to put them in on top of the echo dot unit itself you still do get that beautiful light ring that we’ve come to love. Check out Echo Show Black Friday Deals.


Our favorite echo devices and I feel like that light ring on top of the echo dot or any of the echoes is actually a little underappreciated it’s pretty cool when you think about it that light ring on the echo devices lets you know when the echos starting up when it’s listening to you when it’s talking to you muted is such a cool looking but also super easy to understand and use feature built into all the echo devices itself also on top of the echo dot unit you will see four physical buttons like we had on the second-generation model you get a volume up button a volume down button a microphone on/off button which basically is just a mute button and of course your action button again the same four buttons.


You’ve had on the second generation model each button being pretty self-explanatory it’s just nice to have a physical button to press if you’re near your echoed on you don’t want to have to use your voice to change some of the settings so those have returned and on the back of the echo dot you still do have your 3.5-millimeter audio output jack right there but this time as you can see no longer do we have a MicroUSB power interface it’s just your regular power adapter that you’re probably so used to seeing by now so all in all functionality-wise when it comes to the physical changes things are pretty similar but with the design and the fabric around it.

Amazon Echo Dot 3 Black Friday deals

Why pick Amazon Echo Dot 3 on Black Friday?

The main differences and then you could also take into consideration that the new echo dies just a tad bit larger than the second-generation model not by much but it is but design aside once you actually power this thing up the next biggest thing you will notice is a difference in sound quality probably the number one complaint in a complaint I personally have is well on the older generation models of the echo dot was pretty horrible sound quality on the old echo dots the audio quality was pretty bad it sounded very tinny very plasticky which makes sense considering.

Final Verdict

The design a lot of times actually the audio quality I was getting on my iPhone speakers was better than that I was getting on the echo dot so that seems something but that does not matter because no longer is that the issue we now have a very large sound quality improvement on the third-generation echo dots the new echo dots actually blow the old echo dots out of the water like there’s pretty much not even a comparison here to be made between the two that’s how much better the sound quality is in new echo dot the entire soundstage on the new echo dot has been greatly improved.

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