AKG Pro Audio K702 Headphones Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for AKG Pro Audio K702 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for AKG K702 Cyber Monday Over-Ear Headphones’ new sales and discounts.

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AKG Pro Audio K702 Headphones Black Friday Deals 2021

Today we’re going to review akg’s k702s. Can you imagine if porgs were sith lords? I’ve had them for about six months and I’m absolutely in love with them, so here’s a little backstory. I record bass, play a lot of video games, and listen to a lot of music. Grab a deal on Bose QuietComfort 25 Black Friday.

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When I listen to music, I listen to a diverse range of genres, including metal, hip-hop, and soundtracks from video games and films. As a result, I required a solution that could truly accommodate everything as an all-in-one solution. So I came across the k702s and because I’m a bit picky, it took me a while to decide on them. I had the superflux HD 668bs before this.


They were fantastic headphones; they were a little harsh on the treble and weren’t the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but they were a good entry point into audiophile-grade headphones. These are significant improvements. First, we’ll go over fitment. One of the features that drew me in was the auto-adjusting band, so I grabbed my headphones. I put them on and they fit perfectly the first time.

I didn’t have to spend any time adjusting them. They just fit now, and the band itself is a real lever with the two bars running across the top. There’s a lot of flex in these headphones, and I don’t think I’ll be able to break them easily. This does bring me to one floor on each band that I am concerned about. I have a very nice strap, an elastic strap that stretches to accommodate the band, the headband itself.


I’m happy to report that if they snap, their auto adjustability will be broken after six months of heavy use. I haven’t had any such problems, but it’s something I’m aware of, and I’ll keep you updated if anything goes wrong with them, so to speak.

I adore velour pads, and these are extremely squishy pads that are really just a premium comfort pad. They’re really nice and thick, and your ears don’t come into contact with the pads or the driver. When you’re inside, it’s a nice feeling because they’re just a large round shape that will encompass most stairs unless you’re someone like the BFG. They are an open-back pair of headphones.

Sound Quality

What this means is that sound will leak; it’s unavoidable. However, if you’re gaming in these headphones, you’ll have a much more accurate idea of what direction your enemy is in as well as how far away they’re reference-grade headphones. On my amplifier, it is a completely neutral profile. When I’m gaming, I have a slight bass boost on there to give it a little more thump and kick. However, when it comes to music, I generally keep it turned off, though I do listen to metal and hip hop, as well as a lot of soundtracks.

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Bass & Equalizer

So I get to listen to a wide variety of music while going through these, and it’s all very enjoyable. The highs are always perfectly clear and there is never any distortion, the mids and lows stay nicely separated without becoming muddy, and the bass is slightly lost. If you’re used to closed-back headphones, but you can slightly boost the EQ, the bass will always have a tighter sound signature than what you’re used to.

The other benefit of them being open back is that they are a lot more breathable, which means you can wear them all day without getting sweaty ears, and trust me, I do, I wear these every single night without fail and generally, I’ll wear them for about two to four hours.


If I have a day off or a day of editing, I can wear them for eight to ten hours and I have no complaints after such a long session, which just goes to show how comfortable these are. The three-point cable connector is something I’m not crazy about. The cable itself is a nice size and is quite long and slim, but I have my mod mic cable bound to it because I’m not a fan of proprietary cables in high-end audio equipment.

Final Words

They frequently have these types of cables because they handle a much higher quality signal. As a result, they must be of higher quality than the norm in order to address the biggest elephant in the room. The price with these is going to be 120 pounds just for the headphones, and if you’re going to use this for gaming, you’ll also need a separate microphone. You’ll also need a separate amplifier because they don’t work well on their own. I’m currently using a fio k3 and it’s a fantastic little combo. So when I’m recording bass, I want to make sure it’s tight and responsive, and it’s great to know that when I’m working on these recordings.

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